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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Japanese language needs analysis 1998-1999Iwai, T.; Kondo, K.; Lim, D.S.J.; Ray, G.; Shimizu, H.; Brown, J.D.
2000Japanese placement tests at the University of Hawai‘i: Applying item response theoryKondo-Brown, K.; Brown, J.D.
2002KÀN NA! Authentic Chinese reading & videoFleming, Stephen; Hiple, David; Ning, Cynthia
1996Korean language and culture materialsMasterson, D.
1994Korean proficiency guidelinesSecond Language Teaching & Curriculum Center
1999L2 vocabulary learning strategiesKudo, Y.
2005Las voces de las mujeres de XelajúLane, Tess
1996LSEV: Learner self-evaluated videosMurphey, T.; Kenny, T.
13-Jul-23945Manchu Introduction: Sample Words-
30-Jun-23948Manchu Reading Selection A-1-
18-Feb-24407Manchu Reading Selection A-2-
1995Mandarin Chinese: Four-Year Instructional Goals, Curriculum Outline, and Institutional Measures to facilitate implementation of the curriculum utilizing a performance-based approachNing, C.
2005Manual for the Vietnamese elicited imitation testChaudron, C.; Ngyuen, H.; Prior, M.
2004Mari belajar sopan santun Bahasa Indonesia extended notesDuFon, Margaret A.
2004Mari belajar sopan santun Bahasa Indonesia manualDuFon, Margaret A.
2001Mind, language, and epistemology: Toward a language socialization paradigm for SLAWatson-Gegeo, K.
1996Motivation for learning foreign languagesSchmidt, R.
2000Motivation, reported strategy use, and preferences for activities in foreign language classes at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa: Reliability and validity of instrumentsWatanabe, Y.
1996Motivational aspects of using computers for writing and communicationWarschauer, M.
1997Nah, Baca! Authentic Indonesian readings (vol. 1, student workbook plus readings packet)Rafferty, E.; Collins, J.; Barnard, E.; Hiple, D.