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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Hangul-ro Boja! Authentic Korean readingJoo, Hyeri; Kim Yuen, Soo Ah; Hiple, David
14-Mar-2009Hiroko Sato: When collaboration is not an option: fieldwork in Kove, Papua New GuineaSato, Hiroko
2009Hoping and Language LearningMurphey, T.
14-Mar-2009How documentation needs to change as language revitalization progressesKeegan, Peter; King, Jeanette
8-Apr-2013Ideal Classmates and Reciprocal IdealizingMurphey, Tim
2000Identity and second language learning: Local Japanese learning Japanese in Hawai‘iSugita, M.
1996Immersion curriculum development project: A model in HawaiianKa‘awa, M.
14-Mar-2009Indigenous youth negotiate language acquisition – An exercise in stewardship, sovereignty, and sustainabilityBurshia, Jodi
14-Mar-2009Infield 2008: Evaluations, recommendations, and impactsGenetti, Carol; Siemens, Rebekka
14-Mar-2009Integrating archives and new documentation: The Berkeley Yurok Language ProjectGarrett, Andrew
1996Integrating language and content instructionCurtain, H.
1999Integration of National Standards in a Japanese language classroom (manual+video)Hijirida, K.; Ishida, K.; Yamamoto, Y.
1997Intermediate reader in technical and scientific JapaneseShinzato, R.
1999Introducing action research into post-secondary foreign language teacher educationCrookes, G.; Chandler, P.
7-Oct-2011Inviting altruistic agency among studentsMurphey, Tim
14-Mar-2009ISO 639 language codes in language documentationWittenburg, Peter; Cox, Chris; Budin, Gerhard; Garside, Debbie
2004Issues in Placement Survey [443k pdf]Brown, J.D.; Hudson, T.; Clark M.
1999Japanese language needs analysis 1998-1999Iwai, T.; Kondo, K.; Lim, D.S.J.; Ray, G.; Shimizu, H.; Brown, J.D.
2000Japanese placement tests at the University of Hawai‘i: Applying item response theoryKondo-Brown, K.; Brown, J.D.
2002KÀN NA! Authentic Chinese reading & videoFleming, Stephen; Hiple, David; Ning, Cynthia