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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2009Dean's welcoming speechO'Mealey, Joseph
19-May-2015Developing Courses in Languages for Specific PurposesTrace, Jonathan; Hudson, T.; Brown, J.D.
14-Mar-2009Developing infrastructure for team-based research: The module-and-seminar modelMichael, Lev
2001Developing Korean language performance assessmentsBrown, J.D.; Hudson, T.; Kim, Y.
2007Developing Useful Evaluation Practices in College Foreign Language Programs conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
2007Developing useful evaluation practices in college foreign language programs: Showcase sessionFaculty Working Group on Foreign Language Program Evaluation
14-Mar-2009The Digital Museum Project for the documentation of Ikema RyukyuanTakubo, Yukinori; Hayashi, Yuka; Kurumada, Chigusa; Motoki, Tamaki
Feb-2013Digital Texts for Learning Finnish: Shared Resources and Emerging PrinciplesJalkanen, Juha; Vaarala, Heidi
2004Distance Education, Distributed Learning and Language Instruction conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
14-Mar-2009Documentary vs. descriptive linguistics in the study of Saami languagesAikio, Ante
14-Mar-2009Documentation of Hezhen (Kile), a moribund Tungusic language: Methods and principlesZhang, Paiyu; Matthews, Stephen
14-Mar-2009Documentation, analysis, and writing of TAM markers in Vera'aSchnell, Stefan
14-Mar-2009Documenting incipient obsolescence: a multi-pronged approach to Dhao, eastern IndonesiaGrimes, Charles E.
14-Mar-2009Documenting Kawesqar, the last spoken Fueguian languageAguilera, Oscar
14-Mar-2009Documenting lexical dialects of Kumiai in Baja CaliforniaField, Margaret
14-Mar-2009Documenting the Burushaski language: Issues in data collection, transmission, preservation, and revitalizationMunshi, Sadaf; Karim, Piar
14-Mar-2009Documenting, teaching, and revitalizing Uchinaa-guchi: the future of the Okinawan languageCurry, Stewart; Hijirida, Kyoko; Leon, Serafim
14-Mar-2009Electroglottography (EGG) and acoustic analyses in the documentation of Cajonos ZapotecTejada, Laura
14-Mar-2009Electronic dictionaries for language reclamationMcElvenny, James; Wilson, Aidan
Feb-2013Emerging Technologies The Technological Imperative in Teaching and Learning Less Commonly Taught LanguagesGodwin-Jones, Robert