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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2013Call for Papers Special Issue on Teacher Training-
14-Mar-2009Changing fieldwork roles in Community-Based Language ResearchCzaykowska-Higgins, Ewa
1998Checklist: Evaluative criteria for computer-delivered language learning systemsInvitational Symposium on Assessing and Advancing Technology Options in Language Learning (AATOLL)
2003Checklist: Evaluative Criteria for Computer-Delivered Language Learning SystemsThompson, Irene
14-Mar-2009The Cherokee Electronic Dictionary: Balancing the needs of learners, speakers, and linguistsMontgomery-Anderson, Brad
1997Chinese language video lessons for classroom useFleming, S.; Hiple, D.; Ning, C.
14-Mar-2009Closing speechRehg, Ken
14-Mar-2009A collaborative approach to materials designKristen M. Lindahl; Fox, Naomi Palosaari; Markovic, Jelena; Tomas, Zuzana; Farrelly, Raichle
5-Jul-23949Collaborative corpus building for minorized languages using wiki-technology. Documenting the Asturian languageLarusson, Johann; Saurí, Roser; Viejo, Xulio
Feb-2013Commentaries MALL—Somewhere between the Tower, the Field, the Classroom, and the Market: A Reply to Professor Stockwell's ResponseBallance, Oliver James
14-Mar-2009A community reference grammar of Labrador InuttitutJohns, Alana; Nochasak, Christine
1996Computer-mediated collaborative learning: Theory and practiceWarschauer, M.
14-Mar-2009Computing in the field: language modeling for elicitation and documentation of ShughniHippisley, Andrew; Stump, Gregory; Raphael, Finkel
2006Conversation Analysis Seminar: L2 Learning as Discursive Practice conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
2003Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning and Teaching conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
14-Mar-2009Creating alternative access layers to the DOBES archive from existing metadata structureTrilsbeek, Paul; Müller, Gabriele; Miller, Julia Colleen
Oct-2009CULTURA: Web-based Intercultural Exchanges pre-conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
2004Cultural Diversity & Language Education Conference conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
14-Mar-2009Curating lexical databases for minority languagesAumann, Greg; Bird, Steven
14-Mar-2009Dean's welcoming speechO'Mealey, Joseph