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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2009Aymara variant revitalization in remote Andean communitiesColer, Matthew
14-Mar-2009Bainouk contact, concord and classification - a research paradigm for language documentation in multilingual areasLüpke, Friederike
14-Mar-2009Basic Oral Language DocumentationReiman, Will
2003Best of Tim Murphey, Volume 1 - Group DynamicsMurphey, T.
2004Best of Tim Murphey, Volume 1 - Juggling with Language Learning TheoriesMurphey, T.
2002Best of Tim Murphey, Volume 1 - Near Peer Role ModelingMurphey, T.
2005Best of Tim Murphey, Volume 1 - Song and Music in Language LearningMurphey, T.
14-Mar-2009Bias, elicitation, and endangered language descriptionCutfield, Sarah
1996Bilingualism and early literacyBialystok, E.
1994Bridges student text and workbookVaughn, R.
1997Bridging gaps with technology in the ITV classroom (VHS video)Fleming, S.
14-Mar-2009Bridging the gap between linguistics and community: Producing materials for language maintenanceDoty, Christopher
14-Mar-2009Building online dictionaries for a Taiwanese indigenous language in a collaborative teamRau, Victoria; Yang, Meng-Chien; Dong, Maa-Neu
Feb-2013Call for Papers Special Issue on Teacher Training-
14-Mar-2009Changing fieldwork roles in Community-Based Language ResearchCzaykowska-Higgins, Ewa
1998Checklist: Evaluative criteria for computer-delivered language learning systemsInvitational Symposium on Assessing and Advancing Technology Options in Language Learning (AATOLL)
2003Checklist: Evaluative Criteria for Computer-Delivered Language Learning SystemsThompson, Irene
14-Mar-2009The Cherokee Electronic Dictionary: Balancing the needs of learners, speakers, and linguistsMontgomery-Anderson, Brad
1997Chinese language video lessons for classroom useFleming, S.; Hiple, D.; Ning, C.
14-Mar-2009Closing speechRehg, Ken