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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2010Online Cafés: Intercultural Learning CommunitiesNational Foreign Language Resource Center
2004Online Chinese for minority-serving institutionsLanguage Learning Center
14-Mar-2009Orthography development as an ongoing collaborative process: Lessons from BangladeshJohn M. Clifton
2004Pakinggan at unawain: Comprehending intermediate FilipinoRamos, Teresita V.
14-Mar-2009The paradox of language revival in Southeast AlaskaYarrow, Jordan Lachler; Belarde, Linda Vaara
9-Feb-38083Participatory Action Research and the Experimental ProcessEggleston, Alyson; Baina, Mayangna Yulbarangyang; Benedicto, Elena
14-Mar-2009Participatory documentation: the Mayangna Linguists Team of NicaraguaBenedicto, Elena; Balna, Mayangna Yulbarangyang; Vinas-de-Puig, Ricard; Eggleston, Alyson
14-Mar-2009Participatory methods for language documentation and conservation: Building community awareness and engagementTruong, Christina Lai; Garcez, Lilian
14-Mar-2009Pathways for accessing legacy materials in Tohono O'odhamFitzgerald, Colleen
14-Mar-2009Paving ways to documenting an invisible linguistic minority in Japan: IkemaIwasaki, Shoichi; Ono, Tsuyoshi; Takubo, Yukinori
14-Mar-2009Philosophical and practical issues in the conservation initiatives of 'peripheralized' Philippine languagesAgcaoili, Aurelio
14-Mar-2009Phoenix or relic? Documentation of languages with revitalisation in mindAmery, Rob
1996Pilot instruments for assessing cross-cultural pragmatics in nonnative learners of KoreanHudson, T.; Kim, Y.
2006Pingelapese Alphabet BookHattori, Ryoko; Manuel, Billie-Jean
2007Pingelapese “e” vs. “ae”: Do you know the difference?Hattori, Ryoko; Lemuel, Dayne
14-Mar-2009Plenary: Documenting enduring culturesCash Cash, Phillip
14-Mar-2009Plenary: Language revitalization at homeHinton, Leanne
14-Mar-2009Plenary: Linguistic data types and documentary linguisticsHimmelmann, Nikolaus
14-Mar-2009Plenary: Linguistic fieldwork as a scientific enterpriseNewman, Paul
14-Mar-2009Poster: Creation of computer-assisted training materials for small languages"Lai, Yuwen; Lyon, John; Huff, Christopher