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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2009Language revitalisation at Ngukurr - one tack worked partway, time to change tack?Sharpe, Margaret
14-Mar-2009Language revitalisation in a multilingual community: the case of Michif(s)Rosen, Nicole; Souter, Heather
14-Mar-2009Language revitalization and identity politics: a case study of Siraya in TaiwanHuang, Chun
14-Mar-2009Language shift arrest: The case of Mankon, in a multilingual settingFogwe, Evelyn
14-Mar-2009Language, art, media and youth: a community-based, collaborative approach to documentationWoods, Gail
2000Languages 2000 at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa-
2005Las voces de las mujeres de XelajúLane, Tess
14-Mar-2009The Lenape Talking DictionaryJames Rementer,Bruce Pearson
14-Mar-2009LEXUS and ViCoS: from lexical to conceptual spacesRingersma, Jacquelijn; Zinn, Claus; Kemps-Snijders, Marc
1998The life of language, the language of life: Selected papers from the first college-wide conference for students in languages, linguistics & literature-
14-Mar-2009Linguistic and technical training as a community empowerment toolVinas-de-Puig, Ricard; Balna, Mayangna Yulbarangyang
1996LSEV: Learner self-evaluated videosMurphey, T.; Kenny, T.
14-Mar-2009Making language documentation work for the community: Some indigenous priorities and perspectivesTakayuki, Okazaki; Kumar Mishra Mahendra; Kepa, Mere; Manu'atu, Linita; Tolenoa, Alister; David A. Hough
14-Mar-2009Making ‚ "collaboration" collaborative: An examination of perspectives that frame field researchLeonard, Wesley; Haynes, Erin
13-Jul-23945Manchu Introduction: Sample Words-
30-Jun-23948Manchu Reading Selection A-1-
18-Feb-24407Manchu Reading Selection A-2-
1995Mandarin Chinese: Four-Year Instructional Goals, Curriculum Outline, and Institutional Measures to facilitate implementation of the curriculum utilizing a performance-based approachNing, C.
2005Manual for the Vietnamese elicited imitation testChaudron, C.; Ngyuen, H.; Prior, M.
2004Mari belajar sopan santun Bahasa Indonesia extended notesDuFon, Margaret A.