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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2012Government Documents and Maps History: Places and PeopleSuzuki, Mabel
17-Sep-2012History of Asia CollectionsRiedy, Allen
2006A History of the Libraries, University of Hawai´i, MānoaMorris, Nancy J.
Sep-1994Library Profile: The University of Hawaii at Manoa LibraryDiercks, Thelma
Sep-1965Machine Application at the University of HawaiiShaw, Ralph R. (Ralph Robert), 1907-1972
17-Sep-2012Preservation Department HistoryDavis, Lynn
Dec-1973Ralph R. Shaw: The Hawaiian YearsWest, Stanley L.
May-1965Remote -Control Circulation at the University of HawaiiCammack, Floyd M.
17-Sep-2012Science & Technology Department of Hamilton Library: History and RecollectionsWermager, Paul; Hayashikawa, Doris; Idler, Basil; Ito, Ethel; Moelzer, Janet; Szilard, Paula
13-Mar-32264SciTech: History and Recollections of the Science & Technology Reference Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, and the University of HawaiiWermager, Paul; Hanna, Rick; Hayashikawa, Doris; Idler, Basil; Ito, Ethel; Moelzer, Janet; Szilard, Paula
17-Sep-2012Special Collections HistoryDawrs, Stu; Au, Eleanor; Furuhashi, Lynette
17-Sep-2012Systems and DNS Timeline and HighlightsChantiny, Martha
Feb-1998University Of Hawai'i At Manoa Library At NinetyDavis, Lynn
2002University of Hawaii at Manoa LibraryFrost, Wilson
7-Feb-2013University of Hawaii Library 1907-PresentHoover, Kathee; Jackson, Frances
1980University Of Hawaii Library 1941-1961Kittelson, David
24-Sep-2012University of Hawaii Library Manoa Campus-
Dec-1971University Of Hawaii Library, 1907-1920Kittelson, David
Dec-1973The University of Hawaii Library, 1920-1941Kittelson, David
1984The University of Hawaii Library, 1960-1983Kittelson, David