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Title: Foods of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin: Fruits and Fruit Products: Raw, Processed, and Prepared: Volume 4: Composition 
Author: Wenkam, Nao S.
Date: 1990-10
Publisher: University of Hawaii
Citation: Wenkam NS. 1990. Foods of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin: Fruits and fruit products: raw, processed, and prepared: volume 4: Composition. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 96 p. (Research Extension Series; RES-110).
Abstract: This publication is part of a series designed to revise and expand information on nutritive value and related data on foods of consequence to Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. The data are organized to accomplish the following: (1) combine on one page the energy and nutrient content for a single food item; (2) enlarge the scope of nutrient listings to include the amounts found in edible portions of 2 common measures of food and 1 pound of food as purchased. as well as 100 grams; and (3) issue information on major food groups as work is completed. All data in the tables are from laboratory analyses only and do not contain estimated. derived. or imputed values from another form of the food or from a similar food.
Series/Report No.: Research Extension Series
Pages/Duration: 96 pages
ISSN: 0271-9916
Keywords: food composition, fruits (food), Hawaii, nutritive value, Pacific Ocean Islands, raw fruit

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