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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1953Adult and Larval Stomatopod Crustaceans Occurring in Hawaiian WatersTownsley, Sidney J.
Oct-1953The Aedes Mosquitoes of the Philippine Islands III. Subgenera Aedimorphus, Banksinella, Aedes, and Cancraedes (Diptera, Culicidae)Knight, Kenneth L.; Hull, William B.
Oct-1953The Bibionidae of New Zealand (Diptera)Hardy, D.E.
Oct-1953Biological Succession in the AleutiansBank, Theodore P. II
Jan-1953The Crangonidae, or Snapping Shrimp, of HawaiiBanner, Albert H.
Jul-1953The Development of the Pedunculate Spermatophore of a Hermit Crab, Dardanus asper (De Haan)Matthews, Donald C.
Oct-1953A Discussion of the Trematode Genus Schistorchis (Family Lepocreadiidae) with Descriptions of Two New Species from HawaiiHanson, Mary L.
Apr-1953Floristic Interchanges Between Formosa and the PhilippinesLi, Hui-Lin
Jan-1953Index to Crangonids-
Jul-1953Mosquitoes of the Genus Uranotaenia in the Solomon Islands (Diptera: Culicidae)Belkin, John N.
Oct-1953New Alaskan Records of Eurytemora (Crustacea, Copepoda)Wilson, Mildred S.
Jul-1953New Plant Records from the Eastern Caroline Islands, with a Comparative Study of the Native Plant NamesGlassman, S.F.
Apr-1953A New Terrestrial Isopod from Oregon, Caucasonethes rothi n. sp.Vandel, A.
Apr-1953Notes. Faunal Speciation in New Georgia, Solomon Islands-
Oct-1953Notes. Hawaii as a Cloud Physics Laboratory-
Jul-1953Notes. On the Establishment of the Oahu Research Center of the University of California-
Apr-1953Observations on the Subgenus Phalangomyia of the Genus Culex in Ecuador with Description of a New Species (Diptera: Culicidae)Levi-Castillo, Roberto
Jul-1953A Preliminary Report on the Soils of Saipan, Mariana IslandsMcCracken, Ralph J.
Apr-1953Preliminary Studies on the Rotatorian Fauna of KoreaYamamoto, Kokichi
Apr-1953The Relationship Between Body Length and Scale Length in Five Year-Classes of the Pacific Pilchard or Sardine, Sardinops caerulea (Girard, 1854)Landa, Antonio