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19548: Index - Pacific Science-
Jan-1954Fishes Killed by the 1950 Eruption of Mauna Loa II. BrotulidaeGosline, William A.
Jan-1954Some Aspects of the Biology of the Aku, Katsuwonus pelamis, in the Hawaiian IslandsBrock, Vernon E.
Jan-1954Bibliographic Notes on G. Forster's "De plantis esculentis insularum oceani australis" (1786)Merrill, E.D.
Jan-1954Notes. Report on a Fatal Attack by a SharkBolin, Rolf L.
Jan-1954Report on a Trip to Marcus Island with Notes on the BirdsKuroda, Nagahisa
Jan-1954The Development of the Spermatophoric Mass of the Rock Lobster, Parribacus antarcticus (Lund)Matthews, Donald C.
Jan-1954Three Pacific Species of "Lar" (Including a New Species), Their Hosts, Medusae, and Relationships. (Coelenterata, Hydrozoa)Hand, Cadet
Jan-19548:1 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jan-1954On the Genus Felisacus Distant (Heteroptera; Miridae; Bryocorinae)Woodward, T.E.
Jan-1954The Food of the Aholehole, Kuhlia sandvicensis (Steindachner), in Hawaiian WatersTester, Albert L.; Trefz, Shirley M.
Jan-1954Notes on Some Chiggers (Acarina: Trombiculidae) from Southern KoreaJameson, E.W. Jr.; Toshioka, Seiichi
Jan-1954Fishes Killed by the 1950 Eruption of Mauna Loa: I. The Origin and Nature of the CollectionsGosline, W.A.; Brock, V.E.; Moore, H.L.; Yamaguchi, Y.
Apr-1954Notes. On the Distribution of the Big-Eyed Tuna, Parathunnus sibi, in the Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean.Shimada, Bell M.
Apr-1954The Polyclad Genus Pseudoceros, with Special Reference to the Indo-Pacific RegionHyman, Libbie H.
Apr-1954Notes. Research in Ground-Water Hydrology in Hawaii.Cox, Doak C.
Apr-1954Notes on Banana Varieties in HawaiiSimmonds, N.W.
Apr-1954New Records of Mysidacea and Euphausiacea from the Northeastern Pacific and Adjacent AreasBanner, Albert H.
Apr-1954Observations on the Oxygen Consumption of Certain Marine CrustaceaVan Weel, P.B.; Randall, John E.; Takata, M.
Apr-1954An Investigation of Hematochrome Accumulation in the Alga Phycopeltis hawaiiensis n. SpKing, John W.