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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1960Bear's SongLondon, Edwin
19-Jul-1991Certificate of Copyright Registration for Concert Piece for Piano & OrchestraBacon, Ruth
1927Concert Piece for Piano and OrchestraBacon, Ruth Orcutt
Apr-1929Concert Piece for Piano and Orchestra Class EBacon, Ruth Orcutt
Apr-1929Concert Piece, Two-Piano Version (1 of 2)Bacon, Ruth Orcutt
7-Jan-46450Falling Snow - Solo voice and PianoKerr, Marian
Apr-1929Manuscript pages for Concert Piece, Two-Piano Version-
20-Apr-46457Sea-Wash - Solo voice and Piano (Version one)Kerr, Mairan
5-Oct-46458Sea-Wash - Solo Voice and Piano (Version two)Kerr, Marian
25-Nov-46391Snow Dance - Solo voice and PianoKerr, Marian
4-Oct-46392Snow Dance - SSA and PianoKerr, Marian
1902Sous Bois : Piece pour le Piano Op. 6Staub, Victor
9-Jan-46451Untitled - Solo Voice and PianoKerr, Marian
17-Sep-46455Walking Trees - Solo Voice and PianoKerr, Marian