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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
8-Aug-108081st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) ProgramDepartment of Linguistics
14-Mar-2009Plenary: Documenting enduring culturesCash Cash, Phillip
14-Mar-2009An Australian trial of the Master-Apprentice methodHobson, John; Laurie, Bradley
14-Mar-2009Changing fieldwork roles in Community-Based Language ResearchCzaykowska-Higgins, Ewa
14-Mar-2009Research in Japan Colloquium: New initiative for building better supporting infrastructureNakayama, Toshihide
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: Teaching and learning a moribund languageHinton, Leanne
14-Mar-2009Developing infrastructure for team-based research: The module-and-seminar modelMichael, Lev
14-Mar-2009Texts, language consultants, and linguistics: Understanding reduplication in NeververBarbour, Julie
14-Mar-2009How documentation needs to change as language revitalization progressesKeegan, Peter; King, Jeanette
14-Mar-2009Preserving data: The paper phaseGrimes, Joseph
14-Mar-2009Documentation, analysis, and writing of TAM markers in Vera'aSchnell, Stefan
14-Mar-2009Language revitalisation in a multilingual community: the case of Michif(s)Rosen, Nicole; Souter, Heather
14-Mar-2009Recording real conversations for language learning and analysisTaff, Alice
14-Mar-2009Curating lexical databases for minority languagesAumann, Greg; Bird, Steven
14-Mar-2009Reconciling academic and pedagogical objectives in documentation: A case study of MochoFox, Naomi
14-Mar-2009GIS1 Colloquium: GIS and OWL in documentation of ehnobiological terms in the HimalayasBorin, Lars; Saxena, Anju; Veselinova, Ljuba
14-Mar-2009The Cherokee Electronic Dictionary: Balancing the needs of learners, speakers, and linguistsMontgomery-Anderson, Brad
14-Mar-2009Ethnobiology Colloquium: The Role of Linguistics in Identifying Social-Ecological KeystonesWinter, Kawika; Bridges, Kim; McClatchey, Will
14-Mar-2009Ethics Colloquium: Documentation and responsibilityDorian,Nancy C.