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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
8-Aug-108081st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) ProgramDepartment of Linguistics
14-Mar-2009Plenary: Documenting enduring culturesCash Cash, Phillip
14-Mar-2009GRADUATE STUDENTS Colloquium: Graduate student documenters: the "swim or sink" approach to fieldworkGuèrin, Valèrie; Lacrampe, Sèbastien
14-Mar-2009Hiroko Sato: When collaboration is not an option: fieldwork in Kove, Papua New GuineaSato, Hiroko
14-Mar-2009Documentary vs. descriptive linguistics in the study of Saami languagesAikio, Ante
14-Mar-2009GRADUATE STUDENTS Colloquium: Student initiatives in language documentation: the case of the Language Documentation Training Center (LDTC)Ueki, Kaori
14-Mar-2009GRADUATE STUDENTS Colloquium: PhD in linguistics on an interdisciplinary language documentation projectSchnell, Stefan
14-Mar-2009Documenting, teaching, and revitalizing Uchinaa-guchi: the future of the Okinawan languageCurry, Stewart; Hijirida, Kyoko; Leon, Serafim
14-Mar-2009Pathways for accessing legacy materials in Tohono O'odhamFitzgerald, Colleen
14-Mar-2009Participatory documentation: the Mayangna Linguists Team of NicaraguaBenedicto, Elena; Balna, Mayangna Yulbarangyang; Vinas-de-Puig, Ricard; Eggleston, Alyson
14-Mar-2009Philosophical and practical issues in the conservation initiatives of 'peripheralized' Philippine languagesAgcaoili, Aurelio
14-Mar-2009GIS2 Colloquium: Preserving geolinguistic documentation: From paper maps to GIS at the ANLCHolton, Gary; Berez, Andrea L.; Lockwood, Hunter; Morse, Stephanie
14-Mar-2009GRADUATE STUDENTS Colloquium: Ya waft 'She knits': A graduate student's role in Shughni language collaborationBarie, Amanda
14-Mar-2009ISO 639 language codes in language documentationWittenburg, Peter; Cox, Chris; Budin, Gerhard; Garside, Debbie
14-Mar-2009GIS2 Colloquium: The usage of R in areal linguistics (exemplified by “The R package WALS”)Bibiko, Hans-Joerg
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: Ka ‘ehehana Hawai‘i – Technology in Hawaiian language revitalization and community buildingDonaghy, Joseph Keola
14-Mar-2009Electroglottography (EGG) and acoustic analyses in the documentation of Cajonos ZapotecTejada, Laura
14-Mar-2009Ex-situ language documentation and the Urban Fieldstation for Linguistic ResearchKaufman, Daniel
14-Mar-2009Research in Japan Colloquium: Toolbox workshop: Training in data processingSasahara, Ken