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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2015Taking down the barriers: Accessibility by detechnicalization and minimalist presentation-
1-Mar-2013Talking about community-
1-Mar-2013The TAPS Checklist as a tool for grassroots development of digital language resources-
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: A paradigm shift in African language teaching and learning in the USBokamba, Eyamba
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: A performance approach to minority language teaching and learningFang, Mei-Li
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: Challenges in Maori-medium instruction: teacher education, teacher language proficiency, and development of quality curriculum resourcesBoyce, Mary
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: Enabling adult learners to achieve advanced proficiency levels in less-documented languagesJackson, Frederick
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: Ka ‘ehehana Hawai‘i – Technology in Hawaiian language revitalization and community buildingDonaghy, Joseph Keola
14-Mar-2009TEACHING AND LEARNING Colloquium: Teaching and learning a moribund languageHinton, Leanne
12-Mar-2015Technology and collaboration in language documentation and revitalization: The case of a Zapotec Talking Dictionary-
2-Mar-2013Technology in documentation: TEI and the Nxa'amxcín Dictionary-
12-Mar-2015Telling Stories Together: A collaborative technology-based curriculum project for an endangered language community-
14-Mar-2009Texts, language consultants, and linguistics: Understanding reduplication in NeververBarbour, Julie
12-Mar-2015Three speakers, four dialects: Documenting variation in an endangered Amazonian language-
14-Mar-2009The Toronto Esan Grammar ProjectRice, Keren; Rolle, Nicholas; Iyioha, Ireh; Koren, Annat
12-Mar-2015Toward a linguistically realistic assessment of language vitality-
28-Feb-2013Toward development of a language diversity curricular thread in K-12 education-
1-Mar-2013Towards a more general model of interlinear text-
12-Mar-2015Towards a multi-layered understanding of place in Dene: An inter-generational and inter-disciplinary approach to Dene narratives-
14-Mar-2009Towards a theory of language activismFlorey, Margaret; Penfield, Susan; Tucker, Benjamin