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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1990What's the Mainland Market for Chinese Taro and Who's the Competition?Hollyer, James R.
Jan-1990A Hawaiian Perspective on Taro GrowingKahumoku, George Jr.
Jan-1990Determination of Herbicide Residues in Edible Taro Parts and Wetland Flood WatersDeFrank, Joseph; Easton-Smith, Virginia A.; Leong, Gladys
Jan-1990Potential for Production of Alocasia, Giant Taro, on the Hamakua Coast of the Island of HawaiiFoliaki, Sione; Sakai, William S.; Tongatule, Sauni T.; Tungata, Unlucky; Ka'ipo, Ron; Furutani, Sheldon C.; Tsang, Marcel M.C.; Nielson, Gregory; Short, Richard
Jan-1990Response of Chinese Taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott var. 'Bun Long') to Nitrogen and Potassium FertilizationSilva, James A.; Sato, Dwight; Leung, PingSun; Santos, George; Kuniyoshi, James
Jan-1990Cost and Return of Chinese Taro Production in the Hilo AreaLeung, PingSun; Sato, Dwight
Jan-1990Welcoming Address: Taking Taro into the 1990s: A Taro ConferenceChing, Chauncey T.K.
Aug-1990Taro Industry Analysis Number 4; Submitted to the Governor's Agriculture Coordinating CommitteeHollyer, J.R.; de la Pena, R.S.; Rohrbach, K.G.; LeBeck, L.M.
Jan-1993 Taro Trade and Cost of Production in Selected Areas of the American Affiliated PacificTipton, Trace V.; Brown, John W.; Leung, PingSun
Jan-1993 Taro Growing on YapFalanruw, M.C.
Jan-1993 Some Comments on Asking the Right Questions, Getting the Right AnswersFairbairn-Dunlop, Peggy
Jan-1993 Taro Cultivatars in SamoaTaotua, Fuifui
Jan-1993 Taro Research in Palau Since 1990Ngiralmau, Meresbang
Jan-1993 Yield and Profitability of Taro Production Under Three Weed Management Schemes at Rota, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana IslandsRagus, L.N.; Almario, V.M.; Richards, H.
Jan-1993 Traditional Taro Cultivation in the Solomon IslandsLiloqula, Ruth; Saelea, Jimi; Levela, Helen
Jan-1993 Research Priorities for Taro in the Pacific IslandsFerentinos, Lisa
Jan-1993 Water Needs for Sustainable Taro Culture in Hawai'iPenn, David C.
Jan-1993 Potentials for Shade Management in Agroforestry Systems for Taro CroppingRogers, S.; Iosefa, T.
Jan-1993 Sustainable Management Practices of Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Production in Western SamoaLiyanage, A de S.; Misipati, Peni
Jan-1993 Sustainable Taro Culture: Fiji SituationVilsoni, F.