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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1933The Manufacture of Poi from Taro in Hawaii: With Special Emphasis upon Its FermentationAllen, O.N.; Allen, Ethel K.
Jan-1990Marketing of Chinese Taro in Los AngelesLee, James
1911No ka Hooulu Ana i ke KaloWilcox, E.V.; Clowes, F.A.
Jan-1993 No-Till Taro Production in Hawai'iDe Frank, Joe
Jul-2002Nutrient Deficiences and Excesses in TaroMiyasaka, Susan C.; Hamasaki, Randall T.; de la Pena, Ramon S.
Sep-2007Pesticides Currently Registered for Use in Taro in Hawai'i (2007)Anonymous
Jan-1990Phosphorus Fertilization for Dryland TaroSato, Dwight; Silva, James; Kuniyoshi, James
Jan-1981Poi Consumption: Consumption of a Traditional Staple in the Contemporary Era, in Honolulu, HawaiiBegley, Bryan W.; Spielmann, Heinz; Vieth, Gary R.
Jan-1990Potential for Production of Alocasia, Giant Taro, on the Hamakua Coast of the Island of HawaiiFoliaki, Sione; Sakai, William S.; Tongatule, Sauni T.; Tungata, Unlucky; Ka'ipo, Ron; Furutani, Sheldon C.; Tsang, Marcel M.C.; Nielson, Gregory; Short, Richard
Jan-1993 Potentials for Shade Management in Agroforestry Systems for Taro CroppingRogers, S.; Iosefa, T.
Jan-1990Preliminary Results of Dryland Taro Spacing and Fertilizer TimingSato, Dwight; Silva, James A.
Jan-1990Proceedings of Taking Taro into the 1990s: A Taro ConferenceHollyer, James R.; Sato, Dwight M.
Feb-2000Processing Taro ChipsHollyer, James; Paull, Robert; Huang, Albert
Apr-2002Promising New Taro Cultivars with Resistance to Taro Leaf Blight: 'Pa'lehua', 'Pa'akala', and 'Pauakea'Trujillo, Eduardo E.; Menezes, Thomas D.; Cavaletto, Catherine G.; Shimabuku, Robin; Fukuda, Steven K.
May-1941Propagating Taro by the Normally Dormant Buds Present on Huli and CormKikuta, K.; Parris, G.K.
Jan-1993 Prospects for Biological Control of Taro Beetles, Papuana spp. (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), in the South PacificAloalii, Ioane; Masamdu, Roy; Theunis, Wilfried; Thistleton, Brian
Jan-1993 Relationship Between Nematode Populations and Corm Rot in 'Bun Long' Taro ProductionArakaki, Alton
Jan-1993 Research Priorities for Taro in the Pacific IslandsFerentinos, Lisa
Jan-1990Response of Chinese Taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott var. 'Bun Long') to Nitrogen and Potassium FertilizationSilva, James A.; Sato, Dwight; Leung, PingSun; Santos, George; Kuniyoshi, James
1902The Root Rot of TaroSedgwick, T.F.