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  • shift 
    Ruchaber, Kimberly A. (2008-05)
    The human body is a physical memory map. The body's surface offers observable evidence of life lived. Stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars mark events that have impacted the outer body. Memories etched by emotions, also ...
  • Kim, Chongmin Yi (2004)
    Silent Scream is a series of works of art that explores the issue of immigrant identity. Living in America and learning a complex new language as a non-native speaker forms the basis of this thesis. The exhibition attempts ...
  • Maresca, Mark (2007-12)
    My artwork is a response to the ever increasing population of society, and the aggression, crudeness, and complexity of its systems. From destruction scenes on the news, the frustration I experience driving on the roads ...
  • Higuchi, Kyoko (2007-08)
    Spirit Line represents intangible relationships that connect us all. It expresses my gratitude for a personal connection I have to the American Southwest with Native Americans and others. For me this connection is a blessing ...
  • Streams 
    Molyneux, Robert (2007-05)
    In 2004, I was accepted into the Master of Fine Arts program at The University of Hawaii in printmaking. As required by the curriculum, I supplemented my print emphasis with work in various other media I received a video ...
  • Uryase, Elizabeth (2008-08)
    My work is an exploration of microscopic organic structures and architecture. Macroscopic architecture and microscopic organisms, both organic and man-made, have significant similarities to each other. The focus of my ...
  • Surfaces 
    Goins, Karen M. (2006-08)
    Self-portraits express a specific existence. Cultural identity, time and death are subjects that define content and process within my body of work. I express an inner reality: an intense struggle disguised within a quiet, ...
  • Williamson, Stacy Erin (2004)
  • Jablonski, Kyle F. ([Honolulu] : [University of Hawaii at Manoa], [May 2014], 2014-05)
    The broad question driving my thesis work is how can I combine my various interests in subjects like philosophy, literature, and material and then distill them into a pointed visual argument surrounding a common theme. The ...
  • Romanchak, Abigail Lee Kahilikia (2004)
    Waina, my present body of work, is inspired by the traditional watermarks of Hawaiian kapa cloth. In creating this body of work, I envision myself as a contemporary printmaker in dialogue with traditional kapa makers, ...
  • Ohnuma, Keiko (2004)
    Artwork is not complete until someone looks at it - really looks at it, enough to see more than just "art." The first, crucial, unifying theme of my thesis exhibition, "Will & Grace: An Unnatural History of Hawai 'i," at ...
  • Britt, Deirdre H. (2005)
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