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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012ResidualSmall, Katie Rebecca
May-2008shiftRuchaber, Kimberly A.
2004Silent screamKim, Chongmin Yi
Dec-2007Sinister AbstractMaresca, Mark
Aug-2007Spirit LineHiguchi, Kyoko
May-2007StreamsMolyneux, Robert
Aug-2008Structural illuminationUryase, Elizabeth
Aug-2006SurfacesGoins, Karen M.
2004Survey : TexarkanaWilliamson, Stacy Erin
Dec-2010"The buoy project"Stratton, Adam Justin
Dec-2011The visitorsCurtis, Elizabeth Rose
May-2014There is no solution because there is no problem : proof for the sublimeJablonski, Kyle F.
2004Waina : a place with waterRomanchak, Abigail Lee Kahilikia
2004Will and Grace : an unnatural history of HawaiʻiOhnuma, Keiko
2005Write : the book, the codex, the corpusBritt, Deirdre H.