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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010A modified anatomical method for estimating Japanese stature from the calcaneus and talusHayashi, Atsuko
1956Acculturation of Samoans in the Mormon village of Laie, Territory of HawaiiPierce, Bernard Francis
2008Carrying culture and re(creating) nation through Christianity : Minahasan culture and identity in transnational Indonesian churches in New EnglandSwazey, Kelli A.
2005Changing traditions and identities : the ecology of the differential responses of Tai and Kinh farmers to governmental agrarian and technological initiatives in Northwest VietnamNguyen, Thao Cong
1966The cultural relationships of the Polynesian outliersBayard, Donn T.
Aug-2011Divine sustenance : Krishna Prasadam in Honolulu, HawaiʻiBerger, Nicole Catherine
May-2014The evolution of social hierarchy in Leeward Kohala, island of Hawaiʻi : an evolutionary ecological approachDiNapoli, Robert John
May-2012Explaining Maya monumental architectureSack, Nancy Lynn
1965Gautavai : a study of Samoan valuesGardner, Louise Camellia
Dec-2010God is not in the machine : playerkilling as indigenized cultural formPage, Richard
1966Maori women in traditional family and tribal lifeHeuer, Berys N. Rose
2005Measuring variability in prehistoric stone construction on Rapa Nui, ChileCommendador, Amy S.
1961Melanesian masks in the Bishop MuseumKaeppler, Adrienne L, 1935
Dec-2002Miss India USA 2001: Flexible Practices, Creative Consumption, and Transnationality in Indian AmericaVora, Kalindi
1962Mutual intelligibility between certain Polynesian speech communitiesWard, Jack H.
Dec-2012Purse seine and eurydice : a history of leprosy and coercion in HawaiʻiRitter, David James
May-2014Reviewing the kilns and stoneware ceramics of AngkorWong, Charmaine
2005The significance of peninsular Siam in the Southeast Asian maritime worldNoonsuk, Wannasarn
2008Tuberculosis in Polynesia : a discussion of its occurrence before initial European contactSuzuki, Katherine K.
May-2003Variability in poi pounders from Kaua'i island, Hawai'iMcElroy, Windy Keala