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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982An improved method to determine the market potential for a new food product : a case study of papaya nectarDik, Ibrahim E.
1984An integrated energy planning model for Taiwan : multiobjective programming and input-output approachesHsu, Jyh-Yih George
Dec-2002Modeling the impacts of area closures on the Hawaii longline fishery: A spatial-temporal economic model incorporating fish movementNemoto, Keiichi
1993Optimal aquafarm structure and size : a case study of shrimp maricultureTian, Xijun
1981Optimal control for land use decisions in Hawaii : model formulation and potential applicabilityOkimoto, Glenn Michiaki
1994Optimal harvesting eco-economic model for integrated farming systemsClark, Kimberly D.
Dec-2002Optimal Management of Renewable Resources: A Dynamic Model of Surface Water Contamination From Pesticide Use in Rice Production in the Mekong Delta, VietnamDang, Phuong M.
1989The optimal mix of electricity-generating sources for Japan in the year 2000 : a multiple-criteria decision making analysisAmagai, Hisashi
1989Optimal resource allocation, pricing, investment and market structure under a spatial externality : the case of irrigationChakravorty, Ujjayant
1983Optimizing land, water and energy use in Hawaii's agricultural production, 1990, under multiple energy scenarios : a linear programming approachKasturi, Prahlad
1982Patterns of energy use, energy cost increases and their impacts on crop production on the Big Island of Hawaii : a linear programming approachKoffi-Tessio, Egnonto N.
1989Political macroeconomy of agricultural policy : rice policy adjustments in KoreaKwŏn, Yŏng-dae
Aug-2003Regional economic planning of shrimp aquaculture in MexicoCordero, Francisco Javier Martinez
1981Risk in farm decision-making : a case of crop selection in two Malaysian districtsMohd. Ghazali bin Mohayidin
1987The role of minerals in the economic development of China, 1949-2000Dorian, James P.
1991Scale economies, technological change and capacity factor : an economic analysis of thermal power generation in JapanIinuma, Yoshiki
2005Simulating the economic impacts of water reallocation on an irrigation system in HawaiʻiPotapohn, Manoj
1985Simulation of weather effect minimization investment : an application to grain drying system design and management in a developing regionZiauddin, Abutaher Md
1995Spatial water allocation under conjunctive useUmetsu, Chieko
1989Transaction costs and choice of petroleum contractWirote Manopimoke