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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985An econometric analysis of consumer demand for fresh papayas in the Los Angeles metropolitan areaMacario, Margarita Cosme
1987An econometric analysis of economies of scale and optimum size of independent sugarcane farms on the Hilo coastHoffman, Robert G.
1993Economic development and income inequality : empirical evidenceZhang, Mingsheng
1981An economic feasibility analysis of woodchip production on the Island of Hawaii for export to JapanKhamoui, Thao, 1948
1984Effects of farm size and land tenure on the economic efficiency of rice farming in KoreaLee, Kwangsuck
1985Employment, welfare and distributional effects of a unilateral change in sugar trade policy : the United States and the State of HawaiiWeidman, James Matthew
1994The evaluation of alternative decision models : a case of crop rotation in Northern ThailandSuppapanya, Pramote
1990Extraction cost, scarcity rent and institutional choice : three reflections of resource scarcityDale, Larry L.
1982An improved method to determine the market potential for a new food product : a case study of papaya nectarDik, Ibrahim E.
1984An integrated energy planning model for Taiwan : multiobjective programming and input-output approachesHsu, Jyh-Yih George
Dec-2002Modeling the impacts of area closures on the Hawaii longline fishery: A spatial-temporal economic model incorporating fish movementNemoto, Keiichi
1993Optimal aquafarm structure and size : a case study of shrimp maricultureTian, Xijun
1981Optimal control for land use decisions in Hawaii : model formulation and potential applicabilityOkimoto, Glenn Michiaki
1994Optimal harvesting eco-economic model for integrated farming systemsClark, Kimberly D.
Dec-2002Optimal Management of Renewable Resources: A Dynamic Model of Surface Water Contamination From Pesticide Use in Rice Production in the Mekong Delta, VietnamDang, Phuong M.
1989The optimal mix of electricity-generating sources for Japan in the year 2000 : a multiple-criteria decision making analysisAmagai, Hisashi
1989Optimal resource allocation, pricing, investment and market structure under a spatial externality : the case of irrigationChakravorty, Ujjayant
1983Optimizing land, water and energy use in Hawaii's agricultural production, 1990, under multiple energy scenarios : a linear programming approachKasturi, Prahlad
1982Patterns of energy use, energy cost increases and their impacts on crop production on the Big Island of Hawaii : a linear programming approachKoffi-Tessio, Egnonto N.
1989Political macroeconomy of agricultural policy : rice policy adjustments in KoreaKwŏn, Yŏng-dae