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  • Surfaces 
    Goins, Karen M (2006-08)
    Self-portraits express a specific existence. Cultural identity, time and death are subjects that define content and process within my body of work. I express an inner reality: an intense struggle disguised within a quiet, ...
  • Williamson, Stacy Erin (2004)
  • Romanchak, Abigail Lee Kahilikia (2004)
    Waina, my present body of work, is inspired by the traditional watermarks of Hawaiian kapa cloth. In creating this body of work, I envision myself as a contemporary printmaker in dialogue with traditional kapa makers, ...
  • Ohnuma, Keiko (2004)
    Artwork is not complete until someone looks at it - really looks at it, enough to see more than just "art." The first, crucial, unifying theme of my thesis exhibition, "Will & Grace: An Unnatural History of Hawai 'i," at ...
  • Britt, Deirdre H (2005)
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Now showing items 34-38 of 38


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