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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The significance of peninsular Siam in the Southeast Asian maritime worldNoonsuk, Wannasarn
1978Social and cultural change in the community of Umatac, southern GuamValle, Teresa del
1982Sociocultural determinants of illness behavior : the treatment strategies of arthritis sufferersGray, Dennis Arthur
May-2003Storied identities: Japanese American elderly from a sugar plantation community in Hawai'iKinoshita, Gaku
1992The structuration of Chinese modernization : women workers of Shekou industrial zoneTam, Maria
1969The structure of Bajau societyNimmo, Harry
1967The structure of Tongan danceKaeppler, Adrienne L, 1935
Dec-2012The unseen forest : spectacles of nature and governance in a Japanese national forestCunningham, Eric John
1984Tourism as conflict in Polynesia : status degradation among Tongan handicraft sellersKirch, Debra Connelly
1988Trade, transportation, and tributaries : exchange, agriculture, and settlement distribution in early historic-period Kedah, MalaysiaAllen, Jane
Aug-2011Translating power : the fuzzy path of law from international convention to local politics in JapanYamada, Toru
2008Tuberculosis in Polynesia : a discussion of its occurrence before initial European contactSuzuki, Katherine K.
May-2011Unwriting "Easter Island" : listening to Rapa NuiYoung, Forrest Wade
1978Urbanization and modernization : the impact on aging in Hong KongIkels, Charlotte
May-2003Variability in poi pounders from Kaua'i island, Hawai'iMcElroy, Windy Keala
Dec-2010Variation in dental morphology in four species of bovids : applications for Southeast Asian archaeology and the Angkor Borei site, CambodiaIngalls, Teresa Lyn
Aug-2012Vessels of kastom : canoes and canoe builders of Lamen IslandVan Allen, Joel B.
1979Walking on two feet : Tagbanwa adaptation to Philippine societyWarner, Katherine
2008The way of Choju : Self-sufficiency, health, and longevity in Ashikita town, an agrarian community in southern JapanSipos, Jessica Busch
Dec-2002The Way of Choju: Consuming Longevity in a Rural Japanese TownBusch, Jessica