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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Social and cultural change in the community of Umatac, southern GuamValle, Teresa del
1978Illness beliefs and social change : a study of the Lugbara of Northwest UgandaDean, Virginia Lee
1978Adoption, filiation, and matrilineal descent on Namonuito Atoll, Caroline IslandsThomas, John Byron
1979Folk healing in Honolulu, HawaiiSnyder, Patricia Jean
1979Walking on two feet : Tagbanwa adaptation to Philippine societyWarner, Katherine
1981The meaning of development for rural areas : depopulation in a Taiwanese farming communitySando, Ruth Ann
1982Cognitive aggregate and social group: the ethnic Portuguese of HonoluluMacDonald, James John
1982Sociocultural determinants of illness behavior : the treatment strategies of arthritis sufferersGray, Dennis Arthur
1982Making history : the creation of traditional knowledge on Pukapuka, a Polynesian atollBorofsky, Robert, 1944
1982Batak interhousehold food sharing : a systemic analysis of food management of marginal agriculturalists in the PhilippinesCadeliña, Rowe V.
1982From forest to field : a study of Philippine Negrito foragers in transitionRai, Navin K.
1983Poverty or plenty : innovative responses to population pressure in an eastern Nepalese Hill CommunityDahal, Dilli R.
1984Tourism as conflict in Polynesia : status degradation among Tongan handicraft sellersKirch, Debra Connelly
1984Kinsmen and voluntary associations in two Ilocano communitiesZialcita, Fernando N.
1986"We cool, tha's why" : a study of personhood and place in a class of Hawaiian second gradersD'Amato, John Joseph
1986Dependency and affluence as challenges to national development in PalauEpstein, Joshua L.
1986Prehistoric ecology and economy of fishing in Hawaii : an ethnoarchaeological approachGoto, Akira
1988Trade, transportation, and tributaries : exchange, agriculture, and settlement distribution in early historic-period Kedah, MalaysiaAllen, Jane
1988From sickles to scissors : birth, traditional birth attendants and perinatal health development in rural NepalLevitt, Marta Joan
1989A cross cultural comparison of filarial disease in the Fiji IslandsPrasad, Usha Kiran