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1972The genius and the county building : how Frank Lloyd Wright came to Marin County, California, and glorified San RafaelRadford, Evelyn Morris
1972A history of internationalism in Hawaii between 1900 and 1940Hooper, Paul F, 1938
1975The development of a frontier thesis : Mark Twain, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, and Frederick Jackson TurnerDucey, Cathryn Annette
1976A comparative study of conformism in Japan and the United StatesYoshida, Yoshinori
1976Ke alakaʻi : the role of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in the Hawaiian statehood movementPratte, Paul Alfred
1976A comparative study of human relations in three moral states in selected writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and George SandTippetts, Robert Houston
1977Walls of jade : images of men, women and family in second generation Asian-American fiction and autobiographyWunsch, Marie Ann
1977The traditional Japanese dwelling in HawaiiDes Jarlais, Mary Ellen, 1917
1979Hawaii's Democrats : a study of factionalismPhillips, Paul Clinton
1980The education of a senator : Hiram L. Fong, from 1906 to 1954Chou, Michaelyn P.
1981Amateur radio : an American phenomenonElser, Fred Johnson
1984Self vs. tradition : images of women in modern American and Korean dramaShim, Jung Soon
1985New perspectives on the Chamorro female experience : case studies of nine contemporary Chamorro women organizersSouder-Jaffery, Laura Marie Torres
1985Integrating the experiences of being old and disabled in America : four livesBeh, Hazel Glenn
1986America, Hawaiʻi and the sea : the impact of America on the Hawaiian maritime mode of production 1778-1850Miller, Grace M.
1986Gary Snyder's biopoetics : a study of the poet as ecologistKraus, James W.
Aug-1986Enthusiastic religion and the lives of Titus and Fidelia Coan, missionaries to HiloEhlke, Margaret S.
1988At home among the Puritans : Sigmund Freud and the Calvinist tradition in AmericaRellahan, Jeanne Connelly
1989High tea at Halekulani : feminist theory and American clubwomenWatts, Margit
1989Media portrayals of organized labor : the limits of American liberalismPuette, William J.