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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995The relation between mode of legume nitrogen nutrition, yield determinants and N assimilation efficiencyTewari, Surya Roshni
Jun-1949Release of non-exchangeable potassium in Hawaiian sugar cane soilAyers, Arthur
1995Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of host-plant resistance to four maize pathogensMing, Reiguang
1991Root-shoot interactions in the response of sugarcane to droughtSaliendra, Nicanor Z.
1972Seed pelleting as an approach to herbicide selectivity in directseeded riceNangju, Dimyati
1996Soil erosion processes and sediment enrichment in a well-aggregated, uniformly-textured oxisolWan, Yongshan
1985Soil interpretation for non-agricultural and agricultural uses in the soils of the Benchmark Soils ProjectSoekardi, M.
1989Sorption-desorption of the nematicide fenamiphos sulfoxide in relation to residence time in soilKim, Sun Kwan
2007A spatial approach to estimating soil carbon stocks at the field levelDelisle, Laura B.
1984Spatial variability of soil properties in Sitiung, West Sumatra, IndonesiaTrangmar, Bruce Blair
1975Studies on the biology of sourgrass (Trichachne insularis (L.) Nees) and of its competition with buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.) and guineagrass (Panicum maximum Jacq.)Pyon, Jong Yeong
1987Sugarcane response to soil P level and VA mycorrhizaeBaclig, Ernesto V.
1983Taxonomy, physiology, and agronomic potential of Azolla SPP.Lumpkin, Thomas Adam
1984Temporal variability of soil hydraulic properties subsequent to tillageMapa, Ranjith Bandara
1973Tillering and ratoon cropping of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (Linn.) Moench)Escalada, Rodolfo G.
1980Verification of simulated water use by sugarcaneAlcantara, Antonio J.
1975Weed ecology and economic importance of Emilia javanica (Burm.) Rob. and E. sonchifolia (L.) DCFloresca, Emmanuel T.