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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Fate of ametryne in soil, nutrient solution-sugarcane and soil-sugarcane systemsGoswami, Kishore Puri
1972Gene action in the inheritance of agronomic traits in intervarietal diallel crosses and relative importance of gene effects for quantitative characters in Zea mays LShin, Han Poong
1977Genesis and morphology of secondary products in selected volcanic ash soils from the island of HawaiiHudnall, Wayne H.
1990Genetic analysis of hybrids between Zea mays and Zea diploperennisSrinivasan, Ganesan
1972The growth and development of taro, Colocasia esculenta (L) Schott, in relation to selected cultural management practicesEzumah, Humphrey Chukonoyere
1989Host related determinants of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal dependency in selected species of Leucaena and SesbaniaManjunath, Aswathanarayana Rao
May-2004The Impact Of Remedial Mulch On Phosphorus Absorption In Macadamia Integrifolia.Porter, Guy S.
1993Incorporating soil hydraulic properties in drop irrigation system designYabusaki, Keith
1974Interactions between phosphate adsorption and cation adsorption by soils and implications for plant nutritionStoop, Willem Adriaan
2004Kinetics of adsorption/desorption of nitrate and phosphate at the mineral/water interfaces by system identification approachShuai, Xiufu
1986Mapping zinc fertility of soils using indicator plants and soil analysesRashid, Abdul
1977Methods of detection and analysis of slope instability, Southeast Oahu, HawaiiJellinger, Moanikeala
1995Organic residues as liming materials and supplementary nutrient sources for acid soilsLicudine, Danilo Lucero
1982The phosphorus requirements of cereal crops with emphasis on the tropicsMemon, Kazi Suleman
1996Physiological responses of pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) to CO₂ enrichment, temperatures and water deficitZhu, Jun
1994Physiological responses of sugarcane to nitrogen and potassium availabilityRanjith, Subasinghe A.
1974Pore-geometry effects on solute dispersion in aggregated soils and evaluation of a predictive modelRao, Palakurthi Suresh Chandra
1983Predicting maize response to phosphorus application in relation to residual phosphorus in Paleudult and Eutrustox soilsWidjaja-Adhi, I. Putu Gedjer
1990Predicting the abundance of indigenous and the persistence of introduced rhizobia in tropical soilsWoomer, Paul Lester
1995Primary productivity and resource use in Metrosideros polymorpha forest as influenced by nutrient availability and Hurricane InikiHerbert, Darrell Anthony