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1977Effects of incorporating sugarcane trash and pineapple residue on soil and plant characteristicsAsghar, Mohammad
1978The effect of shading on morphology, yield and nitrogenase activity of grain legumes and tropical forage grasses and legumesEriksen, Flemming Iskov
1978Degradation of specifically labeled diuron in soil and availability of its residues to oatsElder, Vincent Allen
1978Diagnosis of nutritional disorders in Eucalyptus saligna Sm. seedlings and their responses to fertilization in forest soilsQureshi, Ata Hussain
1979Effects of drying methods, extent, and inorganic cementing constituents on the structural properties of typic Hydrandepts of Hawaii's forestlandLim, Howard Sookil
1979Effects of pH, P, and irrigation frequency on the yields and mineral composition of sugar cane grown under saline conditionsSegovia Rojas, Antonio Jose
1980Comparative evaluation of some diagnostic techniques for determining the nutrient requirement of maize grown on hydric dystrandeptsEscaño, Crisanto R.
1980Verification of simulated water use by sugarcaneAlcantara, Antonio J.
1982The phosphorus requirements of cereal crops with emphasis on the tropicsMemon, Kazi Suleman
1982DRIS norms for maize (Zea mays L.) grown in a network of three tropical soil familiesDel Rosario, Beatriz P.
1982Development of a land suitability classification for potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)Manrique, Luis A (Luis Alberto), 1948
1983Taxonomy, physiology, and agronomic potential of Azolla SPP.Lumpkin, Thomas Adam
1983Predicting maize response to phosphorus application in relation to residual phosphorus in Paleudult and Eutrustox soilsWidjaja-Adhi, I. Putu Gedjer
1984Spatial variability of soil properties in Sitiung, West Sumatra, IndonesiaTrangmar, Bruce Blair
1984Effects of stillage application on cane and sugar yields and juice qualityMarzola, Deo Lauro
1984Temporal variability of soil hydraulic properties subsequent to tillageMapa, Ranjith Bandara
1985Soil interpretation for non-agricultural and agricultural uses in the soils of the Benchmark Soils ProjectSoekardi, M.
1986Mapping zinc fertility of soils using indicator plants and soil analysesRashid, Abdul
1987Estimation of water extractability and hydraulic conductivity in tropical mollisols, ultisols, and andisolsLegowo, Eko
1987Sugarcane response to soil P level and VA mycorrhizaeBaclig, Ernesto V.