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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003The dynamics of manganese phytotoxicity: Implications for diagnosis and management of excess manganese in acid upland soilsBajita, Jocelyn
1969Effect of pH, silicon and phosphorus treatments on growth and yield of papaya (Carica papaya L.)Adlan, Hassan Ali
1978The effect of shading on morphology, yield and nitrogenase activity of grain legumes and tropical forage grasses and legumesEriksen, Flemming Iskov
2008Effectiveness of microbial solubilization of phosphate in enhancing plant phosphate uptake in tropical soils and assessment of the mechanisms of solubilizationOsorio, Nelson Walter
Dec-1977The effects of age, temperature and duration of exposure to temperature on susceptibility of pineapple to floral induction with ethephonConway, Michael James
1967Effects of different levels of N, P and K fertilization on the growth and yield of upland and lowland taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott, var. Lehua)De la Pena, Ramon S (Ramon Serrano), 1936
1979Effects of drying methods, extent, and inorganic cementing constituents on the structural properties of typic Hydrandepts of Hawaii's forestlandLim, Howard Sookil
1977Effects of incorporating sugarcane trash and pineapple residue on soil and plant characteristicsAsghar, Mohammad
1979Effects of pH, P, and irrigation frequency on the yields and mineral composition of sugar cane grown under saline conditionsSegovia Rojas, Antonio Jose
1984Effects of stillage application on cane and sugar yields and juice qualityMarzola, Deo Lauro
1991Estimation of soil hydraulic parameters by fractal geometry and the solution of the Richards equationChang, Huifeng
1987Estimation of water extractability and hydraulic conductivity in tropical mollisols, ultisols, and andisolsLegowo, Eko
1991Evaluation of productivity decline due to soil loss using glasshouse and laboratory methodsChromec, Frank Winchester
1972Fate of ametryne in soil, nutrient solution-sugarcane and soil-sugarcane systemsGoswami, Kishore Puri
1972Gene action in the inheritance of agronomic traits in intervarietal diallel crosses and relative importance of gene effects for quantitative characters in Zea mays LShin, Han Poong
1977Genesis and morphology of secondary products in selected volcanic ash soils from the island of HawaiiHudnall, Wayne H.
1990Genetic analysis of hybrids between Zea mays and Zea diploperennisSrinivasan, Ganesan
1972The growth and development of taro, Colocasia esculenta (L) Schott, in relation to selected cultural management practicesEzumah, Humphrey Chukonoyere
1989Host related determinants of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal dependency in selected species of Leucaena and SesbaniaManjunath, Aswathanarayana Rao
May-2004The Impact Of Remedial Mulch On Phosphorus Absorption In Macadamia Integrifolia.Porter, Guy S.