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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Transaction costs and choice of petroleum contractWirote Manopimoke
1990Extraction cost, scarcity rent and institutional choice : three reflections of resource scarcityDale, Larry L.
1991Scale economies, technological change and capacity factor : an economic analysis of thermal power generation in JapanIinuma, Yoshiki
1992Computable general equilibrium analysis of external and policy shocks on the Malaysian agricultural sectorYeah, Kim Leng
1993Optimal aquafarm structure and size : a case study of shrimp maricultureTian, Xijun
1993Economic development and income inequality : empirical evidenceZhang, Mingsheng
1994Optimal harvesting eco-economic model for integrated farming systemsClark, Kimberly D.
1994The evaluation of alternative decision models : a case of crop rotation in Northern ThailandSuppapanya, Pramote
1995Spatial water allocation under conjunctive useUmetsu, Chieko
1995An aquacultural development decision support system (ADDSS)El-Gayar, Omar F.
Dec-2002Optimal Management of Renewable Resources: A Dynamic Model of Surface Water Contamination From Pesticide Use in Rice Production in the Mekong Delta, VietnamDang, Phuong M.
Dec-2002Modeling the impacts of area closures on the Hawaii longline fishery: A spatial-temporal economic model incorporating fish movementNemoto, Keiichi
Aug-2003Regional economic planning of shrimp aquaculture in MexicoCordero, Francisco Javier Martinez
2005Simulating the economic impacts of water reallocation on an irrigation system in HawaiʻiPotapohn, Manoj
2005Technical efficiency and economic characteristics of the Hawaiʻi-based domestic longline fishery : a stochastic frontier production analysisEdwards, Quincy A.
2006Agricultural efficiency and dependency on forest resources : an economic analysis of rural households and the conservation of natural forests in Sri LankaIllukpitiya, Prabodh M.P.