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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992X-ray photoelectron diffraction studies of structural and magnetic disordering transitions near surfacesTran, Thuy T.
1991X-ray photoelectron diffraction studies of surface structure: use of high-angular resolution, R-factor analysis, and holography, with applications to carbon monoxide on Fe(001) and to oxygen and sulfur on the Ni(001) surfaceSaiki, Richard S.
2004Yearning for a distant music : consumption of Hawaiian music and dance in JapanKurokawa, Yoko, 1957
2007Yeast from papaya processing wastes as aquaculture feed supplementKang, Hsu-Ya
1988The yobiko, the institutionalized supplementary educational institution in Japan : a study of the social stratification processTsukada, Mamoru
1995Yoshitsune senbon zakura : the visual dimension in a kabuki performanceTaylor, Beverly Angelique
Dec-2004You Are The MirrorHaynes, Wayles E.S.
Dec-2002You'll LiveTsai, Michael SKN
1988Young children's memory : the effect of task goal and item organization on immediate and delayed recallHerman, Hannah Schattner
May-2003Youth action research in the marine environment: a case study analysis of selected education projects in Hawaii, USAZicus, Sandra A.
Dec-2014Yumi olgeta papua niugini : cultural identity formations and national consciousness among urban-educated youth in Papua New GuineaHermes, Karin Louise
May-1975Zonation of Reef Corals off the Kona Coast of HawaiiDollar, Stephen J.
May-1972Zooplankton Grazing in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiiSzyper, James Peter
2004ʻIke hoʻoponopono : the journeyNapoleon, Anona K. Nāʻone
2008ʻOnipaʻa ka ʻoiaʻiʻo hearing voices : long ignored indigenous-language testimony challenges the current historiography of Hawaiʻi NeiWilliams, Ronald Clayton