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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014A qualitative inquiry exploring affective characteristics of developmental mathematics studentsPaulding, Michael
2003A qualitative study of group work in the development of Filipino as a second languageCervania, Ranee
1995Quality improvement in the service sector : an expert support system (ESS) for continuous improvementHope, Beverley G.
1991Quality issues for the elderly at adult residential care homes in HawaiiKarel, Harumi Sasaki
May-2014Quanti-native, ka helu kahiko : Hawaiian culture-based education in mathematicsKukahiko, Eomailani K.
2008Quantifying and mapping soil organic carbon in Mali, West Africa using spatiotemporal methodsQuerido, Antonio Luis Evora Ferreira
1995Quantitative genetic analysis of recombinant inbred lines (RIL) from tropical maize singlecrossesMoon, Hyeon Gui
1984Quantitative genetic variation in the fish, tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)Yamada, Randolph
1977Quantitative inheritance of immunological response in swineHuang, Jiin-Yuan
2008A quantitative investigation and inventory of the vegetation and soils of coastal lowland wetlands in HawaiʻiBantilan-Smith, Meris
1968A quantitative study of economic and psychological determinants of demand for dairy products in HawaiiEl Feel, Ahmed Mohamed T. Reheem
1992Quantum chemical studies of adsorbate-surface interactions : application of cluster models to Al on graphite, slab models to H on Be(0001) and development of a novel embedded cluster modelsSilva, W. Susil J.
May-2014Questioning filmic constructions of realityFukunishi, Keiko
Dec-2003Quorum sensing in the Vibrio fischeri-Euprymna scolopes symbiosisLupp, Claudia
1992Radiative temperature measurements of the Puu Oʻo - Kupaianaha eruption with implications for satellite remote sensingFlynn, Luke Paul
Aug-2014Radio jet driven outflows : an investigation of extended emission line regions around radio loud AGNsShih, Hsin Yi
1971Radiometric ages of selected Hawaiian coralsHammond, Dale Alden
2005Rafael Cadenas : translations and exegesis of MemorialPayne, Zachary, 1976
2004A rain for twoGresham, Melanie Maile
Dec-2004Rainfall Accumulation And Probability Estimations With Geographic Information System For Transportation ApplicationsChang, Kur-Yi