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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003Object-centered representations in echolocating dolphins: evidence from acoustic analyses of object echoes and a human listening studyDeLong, Caroline M.
2005Objects of historyArata, Derrick
Dec-2014Oblique internal tide generationJenkins, Adam Paul
2007Observation of the Askaryan effect in ice with the ANITA experimentKowalski, Richard Jeffrey
Dec-2003An observational analysis of tropical cyclogenesis in the Western North PacificFu, Bing
1995Observational and numerical studies of the intensification of the southwesterly flow in the lower troposphere during the Taiwan Area Mesoscale Experiment 1987Chen, Xin An
Aug-2004An Observational Study Of The Trade Wind Mixed LayerLau, Eric K.L.
Aug-2004Observations And Source Modeling Of Microbaroms In The PacificWillis, Mark C.
May-2014Observations from load tests on geosynthetic reinforced soilIwamoto, Melia K.
Aug-2014Observations of supergradient winds in the tropical cyclone boundary layerMcElhinney, Shannon Leigh
Dec-2011Observed and simulated air-sea feedbacks associated with enso and monsoonXiang, Baoqiang
May-2011Observing system simulation experiments on the Oahu Regional Ocean ModelBaltes, Rebecca Elion
1992Occupational stress management : matching interventions with employee characteristicsJohnson, Kenneth A.
May-2003Occurrence and control of coconut scale (Aspidiotus Destructor Signoret) in bananasChou, Ming-Yi
2008Occurrence and distribution of pests of public health importance on the Island of OahuLeong, Mark K.H.
1990Occurrence of free ecdysteroids and yolk protein ecdysteroid conjugates in the embryo of the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae CoquilletSanders, Deborra A.
May-2014Ocean ambient noise variation and non-linear signal analysisHee Wai, Tyler Akio
2008Oceans of Knowing: Rainbows in the Mist of Transformation and Education. A Woman's Pilgrimage through Aotearoa New Zealand and the United StatesHumbert, Judith
Dec-2012Oddity learning in honeybees (Apis mellifera)Muszynski, Nicole Marie
1971Odoriferous constituents of DictyopterisPettus, John Anthony