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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003N-myc oncogene expression in neuroblastoma is dependent on Sp1 and Sp3Tuthill, Matthew Charles
Dec-2014N-terminal beta amyloid fragments regulate nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsLawrence, James Le Marchant
2006Na Pa`Ani Keiki Ma Hawai`i Nei: Children's Play's, Pastimes, Amusements, Recreations in Hawai`iChiba, Yasuko
2008Na wai ka mana? 'Oiwi agency and European imperialism in the Hawaiian KingdomBeamer, B. Kamanamaikalani
May-2014Na'la'la' i hila'-ta, na'matatnga i taotao-ta : Chamorro language as liberation from colonizationKuper, Kenneth Douglas Gofigan
Dec-2014Nakem pedagogy (soul consciousness) and constitutive elements of nakem praxisAcido, Jeffrey Tangonan
1995Nanxi : the ealiest form of xiqu (traditional Chinese theatre)Sun, Mei
2005Narrative Survival in the Tongan Diaspora: The Case of the American DeporteesKinikini, Lea Lani
2007Narratives of Elmina CastleGillham, Crystal A.
2005Narratives of space and place in three works by Nakagami KenjiPetitto, Joshua
Aug-2014Nation building in Timor-Leste : national identity contests and crisesHenick, Jonathan David
1986A national study of state and local fund input in public educational financingIkeda, Moss
1991Nationalism and egalitarianism in Indonesia, 1908-1980Pabottingi, Mochtar
2008Nationalism, democracy, and the press in Japan : How Asahi and Yomiuri frame news to compete with each otherTakekawa, Shunichi
1933Native administration in Western SamoaMidkiff, Pearl Lee Beck
Aug-2014Native Hawaiian adolescents' weight status, physical activity and dietary behaviorsNg-Osorio, Jacqueline Mei Lin
Dec-2014Native Hawaiian Homestead residents' perceptions of cultural safety in community-based health researchTamang, Suresh
2004Native Hawaiian risky behavior : the role of individual, social, and cultural factors in predicting substance use and violenceAustin, Ayda Aukahi
1985Natsume Sōseki's Higan sugi made : a critical study and complete English translationSummersgill, Harue; Natsume, Sōseki, 1867-1916
1986Natural versus computer languages : a reading comparisonCrosby, Martha Elizabeth