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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003I Ka Hana Ka 'Ike: Environmental Field Studies in Hawai'iCrouch, Kerry
2010I Kareran I Palabran Mami-the Journey of Our WordsHoppe-Cruz, Anghet; Borja-Kicho'cho', Kisha
2007I'll remember you : nostalgia and hapa haole music in early twenty-first century HawaiʻiShishikura, Masaya
May-2014I-Rave : digiphrenia's transformation of a cultureHeller, David Francis
Dec-2006Identification and assessment of food waste generators in HawaiʻiOkazaki, Wendy K.
Aug-2014Identification and characterization of f17 : a novel subviral agent that depends on dengue virusKakinami, Cherie Kuulei
1990Identification and characterization of gap junction-associated proteins phosphorylated in RSV-infected fibroblastsCrow, David Scott
2005Identification and characterization of sand deposit distribution on Oahu fringing reefs, HawaiiConger, Christopher L.
Dec-2004Identification And Understanding Of Factors Affecting Performance Of Dairy Cattle In Heat Stress ConditionsKeala, Noniponimo'i
May-2007Identification of a niche market for 3D nanoforest using systematic market research and competitive business analysisGovindaraju, Thanigaiarasu
2006The identification of a suitable irradiation dosage for mutation induction in Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Lodd.) and the polyploidization of Z. zamiifolia and Marsdenia floribundaVanzie-Canton, Susana D.
May-2014Identification of aberrant epigenetic events in MSS/CIMP-negative colon cancerSong, Min-Ae
2006Identification of DNA markers for the homozygous lyretail in swordtail fishNasu, Masaki
Dec-2003Identification of some microorganisms isolated from poi and characterization of the biological properties of one lactic acid bacteriaHe, Lijun
Feb-1958Identification studies of a quinyl-coumarate in the pineapple plant.Sutherland, Graham
2006Identifying disparities in physical activity and body mass index in an understudied group of adolescentsCombs, Jan M.
Aug-2014Identifying virulence factors and regulators contributing to pathogenesis by the select-agent bacterium burkholderia pseudomalleiNorris, Michael Holt
2008Identity creation as political subersion in the MEMOIRES of Mademoiselle De MontpensierHensley, Donna L.
1993Idiomaticity in basic writing : formulas and idioms in the writing of some multilingual and creole speaking community college studentsSonomura, Marion Okawa
May-2014Idle dilemmaGood, Abigail Lois