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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Habitat use and trophic ecology of the introduced snapper lutjanus kasmira and native goatfishes in HawaiiSchumacher, Brett D.
2007Habitat use by the endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper (Pseudonestor xanthoprys) : effects of physiognomy and floristicsStein, Valerie K.
1977The Hahalis Welfare Society of Buka: A Melanesian Nativistic MovementLee, Harlan Y.M.
Aug-2003Hale Mua: (En)gendering Hawaiian menTegan, Ty Preston Kawika
May-2014The Haleakalā adze economy : landscape, political economy, and power in ancient MauiMintmier, Melanie Ann
2008Hallyu : discourses of Korean drama viewership in ChinaLa Torre, Nichole S.
Aug-2011Hand versus mouse : role identity formation of competing institutional logics in the U.S. animation film industry, 1991-2008Kim, Euisin
2005Haole matters : an interrogation of whiteness in HawaiʻiRohrer, Judy L.
2008Hardware implementation of real time ECG analysis algorithmsShukla, Ashish
Dec-2011Harnessing the power of students' out-of-school interests and knowledge : integrating popular culture in a 6th grade English language arts curriculumBuelow, Stephanie Marie
1994HAT (Hyper Analysis Toolkit) : a tool for hypertext-based dynamic systems analysisHe, Jingxiang
2002Hawaii government's role in Japanese ownership of Hawaii hotels, 1970-1990LaBarge, Andrea L.
1992Hawaii health decisions '83 a case study in participatory democracy, bureaucracy, and televotingToews, Donald William
Aug-2003The Hawaii time management scale and health related behaviorsNelson, Karl Gene
1979Hawaii's Democrats : a study of factionalismPhillips, Paul Clinton
2004Hawaii's Japanese community in the postwar Democratic movementTakagi-Kitayama, Mariko, 1959
1992Hawaii's parent-community networking experience : discovering community and community educationIng, Vivian Shim
Aug-2011Hawaii's water conservation campaign : different public service announcements message appeal types and their combined effects on students at the University of Hawaii at ManoaMcCluskey, Arlen Thomas
Aug-2004Hawaiian 'awa Piper Methysticum A Study In EthnobotanyWinter, Kawika
1993Hawaiian Causative-Simulative Prefixes as Transitivity and Semantic Conversion AffixesBrittain, Matthew