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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Gaijin yokozuna : a biography of Chad RowanPanek, Mark
1977Games and other routines in the conversation of pre-school children : a case study in developmental sociolinguisticsIwamura, Susan Joyce
1986Gary Snyder's biopoetics : a study of the poet as ecologistKraus, James W.
May-1988Gas exchange in seawater with special emphasis on open-cycle ocean thermal energy conversionZapka, Manfred Jürgen
1965Gautavai : a study of Samoan valuesGardner, Louise Camellia
2004Geisha : living in the American imagination at the turn of the 21st centuryIkenaga, Naoko
May-2014Gender and the nation in popular Cambodian heritage cinemaAustin, Jessica Lynn
May-2008Gender differences of graduate students within science and non-science fieldsO'Neil, Katherine
2002Gender, the body, and desire in the novels of Natsume Sôseki (1867--1916), focusing on MeianRidgeway, William N.
1972Gene action in the inheritance of agronomic traits in intervarietal diallel crosses and relative importance of gene effects for quantitative characters in Zea mays LShin, Han Poong
1990Gene flow as a factor in the evolution of insecticide resistanceCaprio, Michael A.
1992Genecology of Hawaiian MetrosiderosAradhya, Mallikarjuna K.
1967Generalization of operant conditioning of verbal output in three-man discussion groupsDavid, Kenneth H.
1992A generalization of the stable marriage algorithms involving group preferences in resource allocation problemsLi, Zhi Cheng
2008Generalized constructions, decoding and implementation of LDPC codesWang, Yige
1971Generalized Gelfand triplesCasteren, J.A. van
1995Generating customized layouts automaticallyWang, Xiaobo
1993Generation and STM studies of carbon nanotubes and nanoconesGe, Maohui
2005Generational variations in depresive symptomatology and related variables among the three generations of Japanese-Ameican women in Hawai'iMatsukawa, Jennifer Mastsu
2006Genes involved in diazotrophic growth of Anabaena sp. PCC 7120Nayar, Asha Sivasankaran