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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1951Dance in the Society and Hawaiian Islands as presented by the early writers, 1767-1842Costa, Mazeppa King
2005Dance of the disheveled womanRoss, Bonnie Kathryn
1977Dance of the Paiwan aboriginal people of Pingtung County, Taiwan: with implications of dance for tribal classificationKwok, Madeline
2007Dance, mysticism, and sensuality perspectives from TajikistanHinz, Sonja, 1973
Dec-2003Dancing VoicesTeodoro, Melissa
Dec-2003Dancing VoicesHofling, Ana Paula
Dec-2003Dangerously sensual: the sexual revolution, feminisim, and grrl power in postwar AmericaTraymore, Bonnie
2006Data driven approach for fault detection and identification using competitive learningBabbar, Ashish
May-2014Daughters from China : transnational adoption and imagining cold war and post-cold war ChinaLuo, Yanli
2005"Day to day"Ikegami, Jon Saburo
2008DC offset compensation for CW direct conversion doppler radar vital sign monitorVergara, Alexander M.
1969Deamination of 1-amino-4-bromo-7, 7-dimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-ol: A cyclic hydroxamic acid from 1,3-cyclo-hexanedione and β-nitrostyreneOoi, Thean-Chit
2006Debonding failure of fiber reinforced polymersSharma, Bhavna
Dec-2002Decentralization & Ethnic Regionalism in Indonesia: The Case of MinahasBrown, Kirsten Marie
1991Decentralization and the design of low-income housing strategies in developing countriesReyes, Joji I.
1995Decision support system for assessing rice yield losses from annual flooding in BangladeshHussain, Sk. Ghulam
1973Decisions in a market: a study of the Honolulu fish auctionPeterson, Susan Blackmore
1976Decisions to establish diplomatic relations with China : environmental variables in foreign policy decision-makingYee, Herbert Sun-jun
1994Decoding of linear block codes based on ordered statisticsFossorier, Marc P.C.
2008A decolonial archive : The historical space of Asian settler politics in a time of Hawaiian nationhoodIsaki, Bianca