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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2004Cable Vibration Considering Internal FrictionLiu, Xin
1966Calcification in a solitary coral, Fungia scutaria Lamarck in relation to environmental factorsYamazato, Kiyoshi
1970Calcium carbonate budget of the Southern California Continental BorderlandSmith, S. V (Stephen V.)
1993Calcium regulation in neurosecretory cells undergoing regeneration in cultureGraf, Robert Alan
2007Calibrating a cellular automata model of land-use/land-cover change in Southwest China using the analytic hierarchy processBuchert, Martin P.
1994Calvin's crusade : a reassessment of Calvin Milton Woodward's social and educational ideas for school reform in the United StatesYoder, Donald A.
2005Can microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation decrease symptoms associated with delayed onset muscle soreness?Wolff, Toby
2008Can't buy me love or can I? : the influence of power, attitudes, and attractiveness on women's romantic partner preferencesLe, Yen-Chi Lam
May-2004Cancer Chemoprevention By Water Soluble Astaxanthin DerivativesHix, Lauram.
2005Canopy water balance of an elfin cloud forest at Alakahi, HawaiʻiDeLay, John K.
2005Capacitance sensor : calibration, temperature effects and performance in establishing optimal irrigation management of some vegetable crops in HawaiʻiHamdhani
2004Capital, development, and belonging in the Philippine postcolonyCasumbal, Melisa S.L.
1988Capitalist-class formation and the limits of class power in KoreaSǒ, Chae-jin
May-2008Carbon isotropic fractionation of naturally occurring alkenone-producing algae as a function of specific growth rateWallsgrove, Richard J.
1979Carbon turnover and accumulation by coral reefsKinsey, Donald William
Dec-2003Carbon-concentrating mechanisms and beta-carboxylation: their potential contribution to marine photosynthetic carbon isotope fractionationCassar, Nicolas
2008Cardiac and pulmonary response of mice to pollutionNag, Ria
1995Cardiorespiratory responses to slight expiratory resistive loading during strenuous exercise at sea levelFee, Larry L.
1993Cardiovascular and hormonal responses to hypotension during hypoxia in the conscious goatEichinger, Mark R.
1988Cardiovascular and respiratory responses to hypoxia in three species of obligate ram ventilating fishes, skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), and bigeye tuna (T. obesus)Bushnell, Peter Gerald