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1959Residence, economy, and habitat in the Caroline Islands : a study in ecologic adaptationAlkire, William H.
Jun-1959A chemical study of the bitter principle of pia (Tacca Leontopetaloides (L.) O. Ktze)Swanholm, Carl
Jun-1959The volatile constituents of passion fruit juice (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa, Degener)Hiu, Dawes Kyukleu
1960Laboratory studies of Cryptotermes brevis (Walker) (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) with special reference to colony development and behaviorMcMahan, Elizabeth Anne
1960Mortality of two beetles, Araecerus levipennis Jordan and Mimosestes sallaei (Sharp) in field populationsHinckley, Alden D, 1931
1960The reactivity of phenols toward free radicalsCaldwell, Robert Grant
1960Artificial induction of polyploidy in orchids by the use of colchicineNakasone, Henry Y.
1960Polynesian religious revivals: a study with backgroundDaws, Gavan
1960American annexation proposals and acquisitions in Polynesia, 1842-1872Barrett, Gwynn William
1961Studies on the sea urchin egg nucleus: its isolation, structure, physical properties and DNA contentHinegardner, Ralph T.
1961Some plant relationships in the bauxitic soils of KauaiPlucknett, Donald L, 1931
1961The effect of variation in power pattern on the formation of coalitions in tetradsShears, Loyda Ada Mosier
1961A contribution to the biology of caligoid copepods parasitic on acanthurid fishes of the Hawaiian IslandsLewis, Alan Graham
1961A chemical study of Hawaiian magmatic gasesHeald, Emerson Francis
1961Melanesian masks in the Bishop MuseumKaeppler, Adrienne L, 1935
1962Effects of heavy applications of lime to soils derived from volcanic ash on the humid Hilo and Hamakua coasts, island of HawaiiRixon, Alan James
1962Stratospheric temperature variations over the tropical PacificDe la Cruz, Hugo Santa
1962Pedogenesis of some highly ferruginous formations in HawaiiWalker, James Lester
1962The alkaloids of Platydesma campanulata MannWerny, Frank
1962Histology of the retinas of the Pacific sharks Carcharhinus melanopterus and Triaenodon obesusKato, Susumu