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1953Attempts to determine the blood groups of aboriginal inhabitants of the Marianas and Hawaiian Islands by serological study of their bonesHarris, Sarah Ellen Nye
1953The influence of the Hilo Boarding School on agricultural education in the PacificMoe, Kilmer O (Kilmer Oscar), 1882-1949
Jun-1953The oxygen requirements of Hawaiian tuna baitfishPritchard, Austin
1954An amino acid analysis of the flower of the Vanda orchid Miss JoaquimMiwa, Thomas Kanji
1954The maturation and spawning of the bigeye tuna, Parathunnus sibi, in the western equatorial, central equatorial, and Hawaiian areas of the Pacific oceanYuen, Heeny Shew Heen
Jun-1954A comparative study of the bionomics of Peregrinus maidis (Ashmead) and its egg-predator, Cyrtorhinus mundulus (Breddin) and the toxicity of several contact and systemic insecticides to the two speciesVerma, Jit
Aug-1954The Salpidae of the Central Pacific ocean, taxonomy and certain aspects of their ecologyYount, James
Jun-1955A contribution to the Biology of the Acanthuridae (Surgeon fishes)Randall, John E.
1956The ecological distribution of certain central Pacific atoll benthic algaeGilmartin, Malvern, Jr.
1956A study of socio-economic values of Samoan intermediate school students in HawaiiHirsh, Susan Evelyn
1956The great deeds of Maui: a play in two actsTopham, Helen Arlington
1956Acculturation of Samoans in the Mormon village of Laie, Territory of HawaiiPierce, Bernard Francis
Aug-1956Factors involved in the flowering of sugarcane (Saccharum Spp.)Coleman, Robert
Jun-1957The systematics of the Cypraeidae as elucidated by a study of Cypraea Caputserpentis and related formsKay, Elizabeth
1958The West New Guinea issueKraft, William Henry
1958Early Transpacific aviation, 1930-1941Bartow, Thomas P.
Jan-1958The physiology of digestion of Holothuria Atra Jager with special reference to its role in the ecology of coral reefs.Trefz, Shirley
Feb-1958Identification studies of a quinyl-coumarate in the pineapple plant.Sutherland, Graham
Feb-1958Investigations of oxidation-reduction in some silicate systems and its relationship to differentiation and gas contentFujii, Charles
Aug-1958The early life history and reproductive behavior of the maomao, Abudefduf abdominalis (Quoy and Gaimard)Helfrich, Philip