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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A descriptive study of body mass index and pedometer-determined physical activity of Guamnanian [i.e., Guamanian] adolescentsCalvo, Frank D.
2006A descriptive study of physical activity and body mass index in Palauan adolescentsCalvo, Stephanie Ngirchoimei
2008Design and analysis of a secondary mirror adaptive nano-platform with structural nano-positioning for a space based laser communications smart composite telescopeJurasek, Nicholas J.
Aug-2004Design And Analysis Of An Intelligent Composite Platform For Thrust Vector ControlAntin, Nicolas
Aug-2003Design and comparative evaluation of a three-layer coffee dryerCorrea-Piedrahita, Arturo
2005Design and comparison of DIN removal rates between five 'low-tech' fixed film biological reactors treating aquaculture wastewater on Coconut IslandRoth, Lauren Carter
May-2003Design and implementation of a device for monitoring large scale IP networksSaramah, Jad Y.
Dec-2014Design and optimization of electrically small antennas for high frequency (HF) applicationsBaker, James Martyn
1993Design and performance evaluation of a wave-driven artificial upwelling deviceChen, Xiaohua
2007Design of a mechanical stimulator for the promotion of osteoblast proliferationPuri, Neil S.
2007Design of a smart composite telescope with stabilization and precision pointing capabilitiesBritton, Shawn R.
Aug-2005Design Of Front-End Amplifier For Optical Receiver In 0.5 Micrometer Cmos TechnologyYang, Qianyi
Aug-2014Design rules for volume normalizing vibration energy harvesting devicesWong, Daniel Ka Chin
1986The design, fabrication, characterization, and modeling of a novel semiconductor device : the metal oxide semiconductor bipolar junction transistorOkada, David N.
1976Desorption of adsorbed ametryn and diuron from soils and soil components in relation to rates, mechanisms, and energy of adsorption reactionsMukhtār, Muḥammad
Dec-2014Detecting interlayer delamination in asphalt airport pavements using strain gage instrumentation systemsCook, Karissa K.
2007Detecting Leptospira in water : evaluation of a proposed methodHawkins, Ilima R.
Aug-2003Detection and characterization of virulent, hypovirulent, and nonvirulent Clavibacter Michiganensis subsp. MichiganensisKaneshiro, Wendy S.
1982The detection of faking on neuropsychological testsFreedland, Kenneth Elliot
May-2004Detection Of Head Injury In Collegiate AthletesMartin, Mersadies R.