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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1955A contribution to the Biology of the Acanthuridae (Surgeon fishes)Randall, John E.
1976Control and consequence : the implementation of Hawaii's Land Use LawLowry, Gordon Kemmery
Dec-2003Control of the Coqui frog, Eleutherodactylus coquiHutchinson, Robert B.
1992Conventions of mate selection in twentieth-century Central ThailandSumālī Bamrungsuk
1988A convergent-stepwise needs assessment model to priority rank-order education for the handicapped programming in HawaiiLoos, Gregory Paul
1982The Cook Islands, the Development of an External Affairs Department in an Emerging MicrostateJonassen, Jon Michael
2008Cooking with stones : An ethnoarchaeological study of stone oven cooking strategies in island MelanesiaNojima, Yoko
Aug-2014Cool vocations in japan's global pop culture industries : from young fans to skilled animators and manga artistsDziesinski, Michael Joseph
2004Coolers for the mark(et) : organized medicine and health care reform in the United States and CanadaMulrooney, Lynn Anne
2008Copula variability in Hawai'i CreoleInoue, Aya
Dec-2014Coral reef recovery and resilience on patch reefs in Kāneʻohe Bay, OʻahuSukhraj, Nadiera Chandra
Aug-2003Corn leaf aphid and polysora rust resistance in tropical maizeSo, Yoon-Sup
1993Coronary heart disease and ethnic identificationSekimura, Alben Yoshitaka
2010Coronary Heart Disease Knowledge and Risk Factors among Filipino-American's Connected to Primary Care ServicesAngosta, Alona
2005Correcting burial wrongs because the dead have rights : an analysis of native Hawaiian burial issues and the associated burial preservation laws in HawaiʻiGaylord, Kimberlee Alana
May-2003Correcting soil nutrient deficiencies with organic materials in the atoll soils of the Marshall IslandsDeenik, Jonathan Leonard
Dec-2003Corrective recasts' and other-correction of language form in interaction among native and non-native speakers of English: the application of conversation analysis to second language acquisitionHauser, Eric K.
1972Correlation between intramolecular base composition heterogeneity of DNA and control of transcriptional expression in E. coli temperate phage P2Geisselsoder, Janet
Dec-2003Correlation of resilient modulus of fine-grained soils with common soil parameters for use in design of flexible pavementsSandefur, Kealohi
2005Correlation of resistance value (R-value) with California Bearing Ratio (CBR) for use in the design of flexible pavementsHashiro, Reyn S.