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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Complex sentence formation in MaoriReedy, Tamati Muturangi
Aug-2014Complexity of index sets of computable latticesNguyen, Paul Kim Long Vu
Dec-2005Composers: ancient greece – early twentieth century “Where are all the women?”Higashi, Tracie
1990Composition and distribution of carbonates, sulfates, and hydrates on the Martian surface from earthbased spectroscopy between 3 [micrometers]-5 [micrometers]Blaney, Diana L.
2005Comprehending utterances in Japanese as a first and a second language: literality and conventionalityHagiwara, Akiko
2004A comprehensive inventory of sexual motivesBrowning, James R.
2008A comprehensive methodology to define appropriate regulating criteria for solar domestic hot water systemsGoorskey, Sarah S.
2005Compressibility of hydrated and anhydrous sodium silicate-based liquids and glasses, as analogues for natural silicate melts, by brillouin scattering sepctroscopyTkachev, Sergey Nikolayevech
1992Computable general equilibrium analysis of external and policy shocks on the Malaysian agricultural sectorYeah, Kim Leng
1992A computational model for the testing of linguistic hypotheses concerning language changeLindsey, Francis Lynn Jr.
2006Computational strategy for predicting the specific optical rotation values of large flexible moleculesMelnichuk, Anna
1977A computer model for axiomatic systemsIbrahim, Rosalind L.
1974A computer simulation of a language conditioning of attitude paradigmNataupsky, Mark
1996Concept mapping : an effective instructional strategy in science with kindergarten studentsBrennan, Carol Ann
1993Concept mapping : an information processing strategy for reading fifth grade social studies textSullivan, Claudia S.
1989The concept of community in Bergson's philosophy of religionSteiner, Raymond J.
1990The conceptual background to the United States Institute of PeaceMiller, Rhoda
1989A conceptual framework for the economic evaluation of water harvestingScrimgeour, Francis Gordon
1-May-1995A conceptual model of shallow groundwater flow within the lower east rift zone of Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiNovak, Elizabeth A.
Dec-2014Concordance with the dietary approaches to stop hypertension eating pattern among adults with diabetes and diabetes-related conditions in the national health and nutrition examination survey 2007-2010 : evaluation of a new dietary indexMatsunaga, Masako