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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Adaptive state of charge estimation for battery packsSepasi, Saeed
1989Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content of marine microalgae and bacteria with applications for measuring marine microbial growth rates and productionJones, David Robert, 1954
1987ADH response to peripheral and central cortisol administrationCornette-Finn, Kuuleialoha M.
May-2014Adherence to bowel management programs in adolescents with neurogenic bowel conditions : an exploratory studyJinbo, Anne Kinuyo
2009Adherence, Goal Setting and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction among the Veteran PopulationCohen, Shannon
Aug-2003Adhesion and internalization of group A streptococcus isolates found in HawaiiAbe, Lucienne M.
1988Administrative implications on the effects of prior language, socio-economic status, oral language proficiency rate, and age on second language acquisitionIkeda, Myra Biju
1977Adolescent peer groups and socialization in the rural Philippines : a socio-ecological perspectiveMcArthur, Harold J.
1971Adoption of agricultural innovations in a northeastern Thai villageFleckenstein, Friedrich W. von
1996Adoption of cellular telephone technologies and services : user perceptions and motivations in the United States (Hawaii) and South KoreaKwon, Hyosun
2014The Adoption of Kakaotalk Instant MessengerKauweloa, Nyle Sky
May-2014The adoption of KakaoTalk instant messengerKauweloa, Nyle S.
1978Adoption, filiation, and matrilineal descent on Namonuito Atoll, Caroline IslandsThomas, John Byron
1974Adsorption, denitrification, and movement of applied ammonium and nitrate in Hawaiian soilsBalasubramanian, Vethaiya
Dec-2003Advance reservation for periodic transfers with flexibilitySu, Wei
2004Advanced control of autonomous underwater vehiclesZhao, Side
Aug-2003Advanced marine vehicle products database preliminary design toolWoo, Kristen A.L.G.
Dec-1998The advantage of juvenile coloration in reef fishesMahon, Jeffrey L.
2004Adventures in Caribbean indigeneity centering on resistance, survival and presence in BorikeĢn (Puerto Rico)Castanha, Anthony
Dec-1992Aeration as a pretreatment alternative to extend the life of granular activated carbon at the Mililani plant : a laboratory studyMcParland, Terra L.