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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Physical factors controlling the temporal and spatial variability of freshwater plumes in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiʻiOstrander, Christopher
1968A physical interpretation of the He-He interaction by partitioning of the associated density matricesFrystak, Ronald Wayne
Dec-2002Physical Linkage Between Indian and East Asian Summer MonsoonsDing, Qinghua
2006Physical properties of liquid scintillatorsGrach, Peter D.
Dec-2011Physical regulation of land-ocean cnp flux and relationships to macroalgal blooms across coastal zones of Maui, HawaiiHerzfeld, Iuri
May-2008Physical sensations. A contemplative odysseyHenderson, Mark L.
May-2003A physical survey of CentaursBauer, James Monie
1969Physics of drained paddy soilsBriones, Aurelio Aguila
Dec-2010Physiological ecology of selected Hawaiian mosses across environmental gradientsWaite, Mashuri
Aug-2003The physiological ecology of UV-absorbing compounds from the mucus of marine fishesZamzow, Jill P.
Aug-2014Physiological radar system for diagnosing sleep disordersBaboli, Mehran
1996Physiological responses of pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) to CO₂ enrichment, temperatures and water deficitZhu, Jun
1994Physiological responses of sugarcane to nitrogen and potassium availabilityRanjith, Subasinghe A.
Jan-1958The physiology of digestion of Holothuria Atra Jager with special reference to its role in the ecology of coral reefs.Trefz, Shirley
1993Physiology of sulfate transport by the crustacean hepatopancreasCattey, Mark Anthony
1971Physiopathology in the lawn armyworm, Spodoptera mauritia acronyctoides (Guenée) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) caused by a nuclear polyhedrosis virus and a NosemaTakei, Gerald Hideo
2005Pictures of 'paradise' : understanding perspectives of development in the community of North KohalaMcLees, Leslie Ann
May-2012Pictures of an Island Kingdom: Depictions of Ryukyu in Early Modern JapanSeifman, Travis
2008The pilina of kanaka and 'aina : Place, language and community as sites of reclamation for indigenous education the Hawaiian caseNaone, C. Kanoelani
2005A pilot study of the effects of martial arts training on children's symptoms of psychopathologyYoung, John, 1949