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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A sketch grammar of Satawalese : the language of Satawal Island, Yap State, MicronesiaRoddy, Kevin M.
1976Skin conductance and the effects of time distribution on encounter group learning : marathons versus spaced groupsLoomis, Thomas P.
1991Skin infections among beach users and staphylococci in Hawaii marine watersNaowarut Charoenca
1974Slope stability problems induced by human modification of the soil covered hill slopes of Oahu, HawaiiDe Silva, Gallay L.R.
2004Small bodies in the outer solar system: from Kuiper Belt objects to centaurs to satellitesSheppard, Scott S.
1993Small change : an alternative strategy for the development of Latin AmericaGuido, Maria de los Angeles
2004A small group interaction via videoconferencing : users' perceptions and the effects of communication conditions on cohesiveness, social presence, and sense of presenceYamazaki, Miwa
2000Small latticesHeeney, Xiang Xia Huang
2004Small linguistics: phonological history and lexical loans in Nakijin dialect OkinawanCurry, Stewart A.
1994Small towns and rural development : a study of urban-rural relations in the hill region of NepalBajracharya, Bhishna Nanda
2007Small vessel vascular disease in HIV infectionMcMurtray, Aaron
1978Social and cultural change in the community of Umatac, southern GuamValle, Teresa del
1982A social behaviorism theory of learning disabilities : the effect of emotional-motivational characteristics on attentionHufano, Linda D.
1988Social class and health services utilization in Korea : social-psychological and structural factors affecting use differentialsCho, Sung-Nam
1995The social construction of the female self : studies in the shorter poems and designs of William BlakeAmes, Clifford R.
1994Social control in Chinese work organizationXu, Xinyi
2005The social evolution of the butterflyfish, Chaetodon multcinctus : monogamy, sexual selection, juvenile behavior, and territorial aggressionStrang, David Andrew
2004Social manipulation in the bottlenose dolphin : a study of deception and inhibitionMiller, Amy A.
Dec-2014Social media use and collective identity within the Occupy MovementRanney, Kathryn Rose
Dec-2004A Social Network Study Of The Effects Of A Discussion Tool On Collaborative Learning Within An OrganizationTomsic, Astrid