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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2005Novel Reconfigurable RF Amplifier Design TechniquesChing, Kendall
Aug-2011Novel role of RASGRP1 in ras activation in keratinocytes : implications for skin carcinogenesisSharma, Amrish
May-2013Now's the time : a study of the social statements in the art of BasquiatAlmiron, Johanna Faith
May-2012Nowhere land : a summer in America's biggest communeDornemann, Jane Kathleen
2003NS-NNS negotiation and communication strategy use in the host family versus the study abroad classroomMcMeekin, Abigail L.
1978Nuclear magnetic resonance studies in liquid crystal solventsBalakrishnan, Narayana Swamy
1984Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of rhodopsin analogues derived from fluorinated retinalsZingoni, Jesmael Pasipamire
1984Nuclear waste in the Pacific : perceptions of the risksChilds, Iraphne R.W.
2008Nuclease present in mouse spermatozoa and surrounding fluid from the vas deferensDominguez, Kenneth
Dec-2004Numerical Controlled Electrochemical Machining Of Silicon Carbide/Aluminum Metal Matrix CompositesSugadev, Prasath Mungundu
2007Numerical modeling of mass and ionic transport in corrosion processesKaya, Jasen D.
Aug-2003Numerical simulation of costal current and sediment transport around the island of O'ahuLiu, Jianping
May-2013Numerical simulations and observations of airflow through the Alenuihaha ChannelHitzl, David Eugene
2006Numerical simulations of airflow and weather during the summer over the island of OahuNguyen, Hiep Van
1992A numerical study of mixed and forced convection in a vertical packed tube and a packed channelChowdhury, Ashrafuddin
1978A numerical study of the effect of cloud nuclei on the initiation of rain from warm cloudsLee, Seung-Man
1985A numerical tidal model of Musi-Upang estuariesHadi, Safwan
May-2011Numerous fatty acyl-CoA synthetase homologues are involved in fatty acid degradation in pseudomonas aeruginosaZarzycki-Siek, Jan Bozydar
1987Nursing diagnosis : a perceptual studyWarren, Judith Judd
2006Nutrients, polyphenols, and total antioxidant activities in Mamaki, Pipturus albidusKartika, Henny