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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Molecular and evolutionary characterization of the transposable element Uhu from Hawaiian DrosophilaBrezinsky, Laura
2003Molecular characterization of the sex determination locus in Carica papaya L.Ma, Hao
1995Molecular characterization of the White Eye gene of the Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel), (Diptera: Tephritidae)Chang, Wendy X.Z.
1991Molecular cloning and characterization of a developmentally regulated sea urchin gene expressed in the embryonic ectodermLum, Richard
1995Molecular cloning and characterization of a heat-shock induced calmodulin binding protein gene and cDNAs encoding glutamate decarboxylase from tobaccoDharmasiri, M.A. Nihal
1996Molecular cloning and characterization of a tobacco calmodulin binding proteinDash, Sagarika
1995Molecular cloning and characterization of nucleoside diphosphate kinase in cultured sugarcane cellsDharmasiri, Sunethra
1995Molecular cloning and expression of the sea urchin dynein beta-heavy chainRen, Hening
1996Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequencing of fructose 1,6 bisphosphate aldolase in Neurospora crassaYamashita, Roxanne
May-2013Molecular epidemiology of seasonal and pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in HawaiʻiNelson, Denise Cynthia
2008Molecular evolution of dengue virus in the CaribbeanMueller, Brandi
1996Molecular evolution of sperm-egg recognition and species boundaries in closely related sea urchinsMetz, Edward C.
1994Molecular evolution, genetic diversity, and avian malaria in the Hawaiian honeycreepersFeldman, Robert A.
1993Molecular evolution, organization and expression of the actin gene family in tephritid fruit fliesHe, Mei
Aug-2012Molecular genetic studies of senescence in anthuriumPerez, Pierriden Azucena
1995Molecular insights into the evolution of a circumtropical fish (Coryphaena hippurus) and an Indo-Pacific group of mollusks (Cellana)Reeb, Carol A.
Dec-2014Molecular investigations of the pteroinae : insights into the invasive lionfishes from the native rangeWilcox, Christie Lynn
1995A molecular phylogenetic analysis of reef-building coralsRomano, Sandra L.
2008Molecular phylogenetics and diversity of the Acacia koa complex based on DNA sequences and microsatelitte markersAdamski, Daniel
Dec-2010Molecular revision of the 'core' Caulerpa in the Hawaiian archipelagoSauvage, Thomas