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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1959Residence, economy, and habitat in the Caroline Islands : a study in ecologic adaptationAlkire, William H.
1994Residential gardens in urban Honolulu, Hawaiʻi : neighborhood, ethnicity and ornamental plantsIkagawa, Toshihiko
1979Residents leave paradise : a study of outmigration from Hawaii to the mainlandWright, Paul
May-2014Resilience and postdisaster relocation : a study of New York's home buyout plan in the wake of Hurricane SandyBinder, Sherri Brokopp
1990Resistance to change, expectancies, and dimensions of personality in psychoactive substance use disorders : a construct validity study of the concerns about change scaleGoodyear, Brian Stanley
1977Resistance to root rot caused by Phytophtora palmivora Butl. in Carica papaya L. : screening, heritability, and assessment of growth under nursery and field conditionsMosqueda Vázquez, Raúl
May-2003ResonanceLee, Geoffrey K.
13-May-2013Resource-use systems of ancient ChampaSox, David Griffiths
May-2014Respiratory effort harvesting via torso movement for a wearable biosensorShahhaidar, Ehsaneh
1979Response and regulation of vasopressin and renal function during graded exerciseWade, Charles E.
2006Response to heat stress in the porcelain crab Petrolisthes cinctipesTeranishi, Kristen S.
1-May-2001Responses of Hawaiian Scleractinian Corals to Different Levels of Terrestrial and Carbonate SedimentTe, Franklyn Tan
Dec-1976The responses of two species of hermatypic corals and their zooxanthellae to changes in light intensityRedalje, Randi C.
1992Responses of water and salt regulating hormones during acute cold exposure in the ratDice, Margaret S.
1995Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of host-plant resistance to four maize pathogensMing, Reiguang
2004Resultative constructions in KoreanLee, Mijung
2011Rethinking Youth Bulge Theory and Threat Discourse in Melanesia: Listening In, and Connecting With Young People in Papua New GuineaKaiku, Patrick
2008Retrodirective technologies for Terrestrial Sensor NetworksPang, Ryan N.
2002Return of the native : postcolonial migrancy and the (im)possibility of the nationFernandes, Jorge Luis
May-2014Reviewing the kilns and stoneware ceramics of AngkorWong, Charmaine