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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2004Normal Fault Growth In Three DimensionsKaven, Joern Ole
1990Normal mode decomposition of small-scale oceanic motionsLien, Ren-Chieh
Dec-2002Normalization or Recolonization? Volunteers in Asia (VIA) and Viet Nam - US RelationsDo, Bich Ngoc
Aug-2011Normalizing Vietnam : Vietnam veterans and the reconstruction of postwar U.S.-Vietnam relations, 1985--2010Do, Bich Ngoc
1992North-South Korean reunification policies (1988-1991), options, and modelsLee, Hun Kyung
May-2014Not that innocent : gender and sexuality in millennial pop music at the turn of the twenty-first centuryTakahashi, Troy Chotaro
1968Noun phrase substitutes and zero anaphora in Mandarin ChineseRoberts, Thomas Hughes
2008Novel antenna technologies for small-satellite and terestrial applicationsTakase, Brandon O.
Dec-2014Novel heterogeneous fenton oxidation using magentic iron oxide-decorated carbon nanotube to remove endocrine disrupting compounds in wastewater and waterCleveland, Vincent
Aug-2012Novel insights on the role of selenoprotein p in sperm viabilityNguyen-Wu, Elizabeth Q M Dao
Aug-2004Novel Low-Cost Nonplanar Microstrip-Line Ferrite Phase Shifter Utilizing Circular PolarizationSorensen, Rory K.
Dec-2012Novel method for determination of gas consumption in Cupriavidus necator : assessing feasability of CO2 fixation from biomass-derived syngasDow, Allexa Rachelle
May-2014Novel piggyBac transposase vectors for safer gene addition into mammalian genomesOwens, Jesse Bruce
Aug-2005Novel Reconfigurable RF Amplifier Design TechniquesChing, Kendall
Aug-2011Novel role of RASGRP1 in ras activation in keratinocytes : implications for skin carcinogenesisSharma, Amrish
May-2012Nowhere land : a summer in America's biggest communeDornemann, Jane Kathleen
2003NS-NNS negotiation and communication strategy use in the host family versus the study abroad classroomMcMeekin, Abigail L.
1978Nuclear magnetic resonance studies in liquid crystal solventsBalakrishnan, Narayana Swamy
1984Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of rhodopsin analogues derived from fluorinated retinalsZingoni, Jesmael Pasipamire
1984Nuclear waste in the Pacific : perceptions of the risksChilds, Iraphne R.W.