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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Part I: The synthesis of a stable nitronic ester: Part II: Thermal isomerization of the nitronic ester to a spiro-oxaziraneYoung, Alvin H.P.
1994Partial melting of the acapulcoite-lodranite meteorite parent bodyMcCoy, Timothy J.
May-2014Participants' journeys in project macimise (mathematics and Culture in micronesia : integrating societal experiences)Aiona, Andrea Maile
1992Participatory action research to improve health problem solving practice at the district level in Krok Phra District, Nakhon Sawan, ThailandKing, Stephen Wheeler
2005Participatory development in the third world : how can the international and third world communities work together in development effortsVillavicencio, Ana
2002A path toward gender equality : state feminism in JapanKobayashi, Yoshie, 1955
May-2004Pathogenesis Of Dengue In The Development Of Hemorrhagic FeverDorman, Erica T.
1992Pathogenic associations with yellows disease of Dodonaea viscosa in HawaiʻiBorth, Wayne B.
2007Paths toward creation of an independent Hawaiian nation : ethnographies of four Hawaiian independence leadersWong-Wilson, M. Noe Noe
2004Patient satisfaction perspectives when undergoing an invasive extra capsular cataract extraction with an intra ocular lens implant while consciously sedatedFoster, Fred O.
1991The pattern of effective protection and its impact on China' s trade reformsWu, Kang
1986A pattern of predelinquency for youth in two suburban Japanese communitiesYoder, Robert Stuart
1970A pattern recognition approach to computer-aided medical diagnosisKulikowski, Casimir Alexander
Dec-2014Patterning embryos and healing adults : analysis of cnidarian development at different life cycle stagesDuBuc, Timothy Ryan
1982Patterns of energy use, energy cost increases and their impacts on crop production on the Big Island of Hawaii : a linear programming approachKoffi-Tessio, Egnonto N.
1978Patterns of final demand and income distribution : the case of JapanGrootaert, Christiaan
1972Patterns of variation in copula and tense in the Hawaiian post-Creole continuumDay, Richard R.
2007Pause fillers and gender in Japanese and Korean : a comparative sociolinguistic studyKim, Ok-Sim
1962Pedogenesis of some highly ferruginous formations in HawaiiWalker, James Lester
Aug-2003Peer mentor development in the access to college excellence programInoue, Garrett G.